Monday, May 29, 2023

10 Things We Love About Olive

Happy 10th Birthday Olive!


I can't believe our baby girl is 10!  She taught us how to be parents and has been patient with everything that life has thrown her way.  We have packed a lot of exciting adventures into the past ten years.  She was born in Utah and has since lived in Mississippi, Arkansas and two cities in Indiana.  She's been an amazing traveler, sleeper and always a great girl.  She didn't bat an eye when we added two boys to the family.  She's a leader and a perfect first born. 

We celebrated her birthday with family over the weekend and have plans to make her feel special all week long!


Ten Things We Love About Olive:

1. She loves to eat olives.  They're one of her favorite foods along with crunchy veggies, burgers with bacon, pasta, blts and popcorn.  Her favorite desserts are: anything pumpkin, molasses cookies, cinnamon or blizzards.

2. Olive won a 4th grade award for "Future Teacher" and was complimented on her hard work and quiet leadership skills.  She ended the year with her best grades and best efforts.  She writes books in her spare time and has plans for some summer writing.

3. She's loud and funny and silly and creative at home.  And quieter when she's around others.  Her good friends think she's silly and her casual friends would says she's more serious.  Squishmallows or accessories are the way to her heart.

4. Olive has learned how to crochet and thinks violin or piano might be fun next.  She is great at building Lego sets and stays up late reading her library books most nights.  She loves crafts and could live at the craft store.  She got bracelet making sets, origami kits, Lego sets and more for her birthday.  She hopes that I'll get out my sewing machine this summer and we can sew together.  My junior high/Home Ec sewing skills are a little rusty though.

5. Olive enjoys a plan and being organized.  She wakes up every morning and wants to know the plan for the day.  She keeps lists and calendars in her room.  She makes me lists (which makes this list lover so happy!) and rarely lets anything slip through the cracks.

6.Her dream of growing out her hair has come true and now she's dreaming of a getting her ears double pierced.

7. Olive loves taking care of things - plants, cats, our garden, her brothers, etc.  She's a great helper and pays close attention to details.

8. Fletcher loves playing outside with Olive, playing in the creek and they often end up in the same room together at night playing games or talking.

9. Leo loves anything having to do with Olive.  She reads to him, she snuggles him, she plays cars with him and she can't tell his cute face no.  She goes along with whatever he asks and he adores her.

10. Kevin loves her love of reading!


We love Olive and hope she feels extra special for her big double digit milestone birthday!

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