Monday, May 2, 2022

Making Hosting Easy

The weather is warming up and it's the perfect time of year to host friends and family at your house.  We had some friends over for dinner on Friday so I pulled together a little Fri-Yay! themed meal.  

I try to be in charge of the things I enjoy and delegate the other tasks.  That's the benefit of hosting - you can do the things you enjoy :)

This time I was in charge of the fruit, veggies, grabbing some wine, drinks, dishes and prepping the house.  Kevin ordered pizza and bread sticks from Donatos for us and that always take a huge to do off my list when the main course is being delivered.  Our friends brought dessert and some drinks to share.  Sometimes we'll say that we will take care of everything, but if someone offers to help, I try to say yes.

I have a fun collection of melamine plates that are perfect for eating with kids or outdoors or anyone really.  They aren't fragile and they're fun!

Then I grab cute napkins from my party pantry and try to prep everything early in the day to prevent me from running around like crazy when guests arrive.

I love chopping veggies!  They're so pretty.  Make everything bite size and split the snap peas!  They will look so pretty and be easier to eat.  I add a dip or two to the plate, cover it in plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge.  I did this during nap time.  Leo was sleeping and the big kids were at school.  It was really enjoyable for me.  And it was really nice to have it ready and waiting in the fridge when dinner rolled around.

Do you have a favorite Sauv Blanc??  I always pick out a wine based on the label which I realize isn't the most sophisticated way to select wines.  haha.  A friend told me to look for these wines from New Zealand because they're the best.  This one was solid, but I think I'll keep trying out options until I find one that is my favorite.

What are you favorite hosting tips?

I hope mine make your life a little easier the next time you host.


The parents visited.  The kids played.  And we had a great meal.  Yay!  Happy Hosting!


  1. When we host, I definitely try to make the menu failure-proof, haha. As in NOT having things that cook all at once or are tricky. Like only one thing that needs cooked at the end, everything else prepped in advance if possible and as simple as possible, especially now with so many kiddos. My hubby is really good about helping me tidy the house prior. We haven't hosted in awhile so you are inspiring me!

    Where do you recommend buying cute melamine plates?? We either use our nice stoneware plates all the time or paper plates...I love the idea of having melamine that is super cute, nicer than paper, yet not breakable!!

  2. I love all your hosting ideas and that you do host friends and family—to me eating at someone’s home is so much more fun than at a restaurant. We don’t have the biggest home but we seem to host the most. Summertime our pool is a perfect time for lazy get togethers—I keep a note on my phone of menus so I don’t duplicate. Happy Spring from Waco!

  3. My Mom always taught me that if I am hosting a sit-down dinner, I should always set the table first. That way when guests arrive, it looks ready, even if there are still a few things to cook in the kitchen! I also have a huge pet peeve that there is a difference between entertaining guests and hospitality. They are both wonderful, but not everyone can entertain, so I think they become afraid of hosting at all. I do not have the gift of entraining to make everything look beautiful and flawless. But I do have the gift of hospitality, and that is making people feel welcome and comfortable in my home!


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