Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Family Goals

I love a good goal to work towards and I'm always thinking in terms of goals and to dos.  

When we relocated in December, Kevin and I set some goals for our family.  I don't think I ever shared them here so I'm going to talk about them with you today.  I got the idea to do this because we hit a fun milestone that made us feel like we were making progress after moving in the winter.  That is a hard, lonely time of year to move.  I'll go into that another time.

Back to our family goals!  I don't have them posted anywhere, but we talk about them and pray about them as a family.  We currently have 5 goals and some are specific to relocating and others are just normal for us.

1. Make New Friends

It's been hard on everyone to move and have to start over in the friend department.  We all have friends that we are missing.  The kids have done great at school connecting with other kids.  We're working hard to connect with neighbors, church friends and build on relationships with cousins/family nearby.

Do you see this picture above??  This was the fun milestone I mentioned.  Some new friends knocked on our door after dinner with a delivery of warm donuts for us.  We were so surprised and it felt good to know new friends were thinking of us and wanting to do something nice for us.  The kids just kept saying that they were shocked to get a fun surprise like this.  We are usually dropping food off to people so it felt great to have someone going out of their way for us.


2. Find a Church Home

We have been going to the same church since February.  We have gotten into a good Sunday routine.  The kids are all feeling comfortable in their classes and are connecting with teachers/friends there.  We have lots of opportunities there so we are trying to figure out the best way for our family to connect.


3. Make Our House a Home

We are pretty much unpacked (although things like craft paint and our balloon air pump are still missing) so now we are working on arranging things like we want and figuring out what each room needs.  Our attention is being focused on yard stuff right now - grass, trees, plants and landscaping.  All those things are helping our space to feel personalized.  We have some inside projects on our radar that my dad will be helping us with and we need to hang stuff on the walls.  I'm also working on decluttering.  I dropped off a huge van load of stuff this month and plan to keep doing the same in the months to come.


4. Adventure Awaits

I'm always reminding myself that there are tons of free things and fun things I can do with the kids to take them on adventures.  Now that the weather has gotten nicer and school is almost out, we will be able to enjoy some new adventures together.  We've got big summer plans to find favorite parks, explore some new areas and find favorite things to do in Evansville for our first summer here.

5. We Can Do Hard Things

We still have conversations about missing our old city, our old friends and our old Summer routines.  We are super open with the kids and tell them that we miss our favorite things, too.  Kevin is missing his golf league, I'm missing my mom's group and our activities - we all have things that we miss.  But we're focusing our sights on the future and are determined to work together to make Evansville feel like home.


6. Eat Good Food

We all have our favorite foods so we try to incorporate a little something for everyone in the menu each week.  I'm packing good lunches, planning healthy meals, shopping for all our favorites, Door Dashing dinners to try new restaurants and grilling up some new things. I'd say we're all foodies in our own ways so we enjoy eating good food each day.

We're working together on all these things and helping the kids to see that goals help them get places!  Is your family working on any goals right now?


  1. You’re a great mom, Whitney! All the conversations and ways your making your new city feel like home sound amazing. That’s hard to do sometimes! Can’t wait to hear what sort of adventures you have planned for summer. :)

  2. I think it is so important to share our own doubts/sadness as parents when the family is going through hard times. You are doing this and so much more to help your kids with the transition. Hang in there.


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