Tuesday, May 17, 2022

3 Things

I've got a random post of current things for you today.  3 things from each person in our family.


1. She loves coffee, fun drinks and thinks it's the coolest when Kevin takes her to Starbucks.  He saves up all his rewards for fun drinks for her.

2. She loves all crafty projects.  She's currently learning to crochet.  The cats are thrilled with her yard collection and I wake up to yarn being strung all over the house courtesy of the cats.

3. Olive loves to chat.  When I tuck her in at night and ask what she wants to talk about she usually says, "SO MANY THINGS!"  She hung out with my parents last week and said she talked to Mimi nonstop.  haha


1. He cannot wait for his 100 day weekend (AKA Summer)

2. He is a little fish in the water.  He ended last Summer as a pretty good swimmer and he's already a little fishy this year.

3. Fletcher is super tender hearted.  Leo hurried to the window to wave goodbye to us one morning.  It brought Fletch to tears to see him standing there all alone waving bye.  He's the first to tear up during sad parts of movies and he worries about sad things that happen at school.


1. He's a toddler tornado.  He gets into all the things all the time.  His newest trick is running away from us so if you see me running like crazy to save him you'll know why.  He's in his stroller or in the cart when we are out and about because I can't trust him to stay with us.

2. He loves cars and anything with wheels.  Anytime we walk past a car he asks me What's this? and wants to know the color of the car.  So if you hear me saying red, black, gray, white as we're going through parking lots it's because I am naming colors for him.

3. Leo loves to play with rubber bands.  Give him a bowl full of rubber bands and he'll be happy for a good chunk of time.

Kevin & Whitney:

1. You might see us driving around town scoping out pretty trees for our yard.  Our tree guy is giving us addresses to go and see and we're making plans for our yard.  It's been a headache to work with our yard/sprinkler guy and we (mostly Kevin) is doing everything he can get keep grass alive and grow grass this first Summer in our new house.

2. It's fun to see Kevin doing a job that he loves.  He is working on exciting things, making new connections, being valued for his expertise and dreaming big dreams for his department.

3. We've got some summer trips on our radar and two weddings.  We are working hard to map out our Summer with a good mix of travel, adventure, routines and activities for the kids.  What is your go to wedding gift these days?  Shop from the registries, money, something sentimental!?  Give me all of your tips.

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