Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Summer Flower Tour

I'm excited to share a Summer flower tour with you today!

Have you planted your Summer flowers yet?

We've been working hard on our pots and our landscaping.  You know that I love my plants - so I'm still getting over all the beautiful flowers and plants we left behind at our last house.  I learned a lot and am eager to replant my favorites at our new house.  We've got plans to add some trees, but that probably won't happen for a few more weeks.  We may also plants some herbs - like one big her pot -, but I don't think I'm up for a veggie garden this year.

My flowers are all pretty much full sun.  I've got ferns at my front and back doors in shady spots.

I did a mix of plants that I love and plants the kids picked out.  I made an effort to add in purple this year since it's Kevin's school color.  We seem to be adding more purple in everywhere.  They're almost all sun loving for the pots and I love a good variety of colors.  The pots always look so skimpy when you first plant them but I promise that they'll fill out to be beautiful!

Local people, Evansville has some pretty flower options.  I've gotten flowers at Meijer and Lowes and Colonial.  Meijer is probably my favorite because that's where I'm used to getting flowers.  Lowes is a solid option and Colonial is pretty pricey.

I'm hoping these work out because I love the variety.

Asparagus fern


Orange/yellow Lantana

Purple petunias

Red geraniums

& Sweet Potato Vine

Lantana, sweet potato vine, asparagus vine and petunias.

Impatiens & more shade loving plants.

Some landscaping came with the house which was a fun surprise.  We are working to add to it to personalize it for our taste.  I added Lantana along the front walk, lavender plants, English daisies, a lily because Kevin loves them and a few other plants.  I'm hoping it all fills in and looks pretty.  The grasses, holly bushes, crepe myrtle and yellow bushes came with the house.

I have big dreams of Magnolia bushes, Limelight hydrangeas, trees and butterfly bushes.  Stick around in the years to come as we slowly add to our gardens.  Happy gardening!


  1. Everything looks great! I can't wait to see it in a month when everything fills in!

  2. Beautiful!!! I love flowers so much but I don't have the knack you do of knowing how to mix plants in pots and what to plant where. Nice job!!

    I planted lots of what I hope will be cutting flowers to bring indoors-- statice, zinnias, bachelors buttons, poppies....we will see! Also finally got a lavender plant and hoping it will do well and come up every year!

  3. I love your potted plant combinations —adds so much visual interest! Happy spring 🌼!

  4. Love your pots! We are in a new house this year and I have a Full Sun front yard for the first time, so I went a little crazy buying different flowers for my containers b/c I am so excited to be able to figure out some new favorites!

    1. oooo thanks for the advice to try Latana!

  5. LOVE this post!! I love ferns and sweet potato vines

  6. It all looks lovely! I love how you put different flowers together in your potted containers - it really looks pretty.


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