Monday, May 9, 2022

Mother's Day Recap

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day weekend celebrating your favorite ladies in your life.  

It was a sweet one at our house! 

Big hugs from me to you if this Mother's Day was hard for you for any reason.  I've got a long list of friends I'm praying for who'd love to grow their family, start their family or just need a little extra love in the Mom department.  I'm thinking of you and praying for you daily.

Lots of handmade gifts from the kids, church, plants, family and sunshine.  We always head to the garden center to pick out plants for my pots.  The kids were really helpful and had big opinions this year.  We got them earlier in the week and planted them.  I learned a few years ago that it's not fun to jam everything into a day or two.  We like to spread out the fun and festivities all week long.

Sunday best from a fun morning at church.


Garden center helpers.  We've done this for enough years that they've got big thoughts and opinions on their favorite flowers for our pots.  We've been scoping out all the tree options for our yard and I think we have a plan in place.

We're adding more purple into our lives every chance we get :)

Fletcher loves picking flowers for me when we go on walks.

Mother's Day breakfast!  Jacque invited us to coffee & donuts at the park.  Good times were had by all! 

To me, from me.  My #1 favorite dessert: Cheesecake!!  I tried something new - these bite size cheesecake squares from Sams.  They stay frozen and you can just thaw them as you need them.  They were so good!

We played outside a lot.  The kids love digging in the dirt!  We're still waiting on grass over there, but in the meantime they are thrilled to dig.

I woke up to gifts and happy faces yesterday. 

The kids surprised me with coffee service.  They said they did their best to make my iced coffee just like I like it and Kevin got me roses.

From: Fletcher - he painted this vase for me at school and his teacher did his silhouette.  So sweet!

From Olive: She wrote out all the adjectives that describe me (sunny, safe and stylish were my favorite!) and then painted me a pot to grow flowers in.  She also made me a post it note coupon book full of coupons I would like - no fighting, help cleaning up, etc.

Then they each made me thumbprint bookmarks in their Sunday School classes!

I opted for a brunch at home because it was just easier.  Anyone else prefer to cook rather than go out and wait in crowded restaurants with little kids??  It just feels good to eat good food at home.

My biscuit station was a big hit!  Everyone got to pick their butter/jam combos.

From Leo: Snuggles :)

Kevin and I saw both of our moms, some aunts and grandmas to wish them happy days in person.  Then we ended the weekend with a pool party for my nephew.  Lots of fun family time :)

This lady gets my vote for #1 MOM :)


  1. What a sweet day! You are so loved my friend!

  2. Eat at home any day! All of your gifts were so thoughtful and that silhouette of Fletcher is amazing!

  3. Love that great striped shirt!!

    Your kids' gifts are the SWEETEST!!

    Good call on the eating at's been so long since we've done takeout/eatout and we regretted it! Long wait, inflated prices, and not great food! Oh well.

    Happy belated Mother's Day to a mom I admire!

  4. Looks like you had a good, well-deserved Mother's Day. I still have several of my kids' homemade gifts they made me when they were little. I've purchased those individual cheesecake bites from Sam's a few times. They're great to serve at parties and get-togethers.


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