Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  We're in the home stretch wrapping up the school year and are ready for our last 3 days of school next week.  We had some sick moments for the boys this week, but lots of sweet moments in between.  I hope you had a good week :)

The highlights were:

1 // Happy Plates

Did you know that I collect plates?  I have a good variety of different dessert plates and melamine dinner plates.  They're so fun to mix and match.  And they're basically indestructible.  Perfect for guests or kids or anyone.  I found these happy plates at Hobby Lobby.  They're in the Spring section and 50% off right now.  How can you not be happy eating off these giant smiles?!?

2 // Climbing Dome

We asked the kids to name one thing they'd love to add to our backyard and they said a climbing dome.  We talked my dad into coming over to help Kevin put it together and the kid have been enjoying it every day.

3 // Bounce

Our neighbors mentioned that they were renting a big bounce house for the day and that we should stop by and bounce.  We said yes and got to know our neighbors a little better.  Win-win.

 4 // Upside App

Have you ever heard of Upside??  My husband told me about it and I've already earned almost $30 after using it 4 times.  It works at my local grocery store - Schnucks and gas stations.  The deals change every day.  You upload gas receipts and then plug in your card information as you're checking out at the grocery.  It's awesome!

If you want to try it out, I have a referral code: HRQV25


5 // Nana Bakes

We had Kevin's parents & his Nana over for dinner.  She'd never been to our new house so it was sweet to give her the tour.  She came with treats she knew we'd enjoy Molasses cookies (Olive's favorite) and PB fudge (Kevin's favorite).  We grilled out and had a nice evening.

6 // Water Fun!

We had our neighbors over for some water fun.  The kids loved the little pools, water tables, sprinklers and popsicles.  We are trying hard to get our sod to grow so hopefully all this water helps.

7 // Oh Leo

This wild man has been getting himself into all kinds of trouble this week.  I heard him yelling "I stuck!  I stuck! from the other room and went into my room to find this.  He was totally stuck in our foot board.  And it took me some serious arm muscle wiggling to get him unstuck.

8 // Bench

We had been waiting for months for our kitchen table bench to arrive.  It arrived in April and unfortunately it was broken :(  The worst part was that it was discontinued and their furniture repairman said it was unfixable.  Insert: My dad.  He looked at it and said he could definitely fix it.  So we got a partial refund and he fixed it for us.  Now we all fight to sit on the bench.  Not Pearl though.  She's a proper cat and prefers to sit in the chair.

9 // Walking

We had another great week of walking!  Leo has started clapping at the end of our walks together.  He's probably glad we're done, but it makes me feel good to think he's clapping for mom.

10 // Blackberry Surprise

When Kevin's Nana was visiting she pointed out that the flowering bushes lining one whole side of our property were blackberries!!  The smell wonderful, but I had no idea they were berry bushes.  Now we are just wondering what this means for our first year of berries here.  Send me all your blackberry recipes because we are hoping they're delicious to eat.  Stay tuned.

11 // Toddlers

See what I mean about this guy giving me a run for my money this week!?  I'm impressed with his balance and worried for his safety all at the same time.

12 // Sick Days

Poor Leo was sick a couple days this week and then Fletch spent a day at home yesterday.  I'm hoping they are all on the mend by the weekend.

13 // Make Your Own Sunshine

Lots of things didn't go as planned this week, but I tried hard to make my own sunshine.  One easy way was asking Kevin for help.  Both boys were home sick and I wanted to get in a good walk for the day.  He stayed home a little longer in the morning and I got to exercise. We're a good team.

14 // School Lunches

We're on our last week of packing school lunches.  I found a new protein that the kids like - grilled chicken!  We had some leftover from dinner and they were happy to eat it cold.  I feel like proteins are the hardest part of school lunches so this was a big win.

15 // Crochet Club

Olive has been working really hard on crocheting this week.  My mom taught her how to get started and she's been crocheting in her free time.  It's fun to see her learn something new even though I'm no help to her.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  See you back here on Monday.

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  1. Other than the kids feeling under the weather it sounds like a fabulous week! Those photos of Leo stuck in the footboard are just priceless; definitely one of those stories that will become a family legend.


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