Monday, May 23, 2022

School is Cool

The kid's school calendars have been jam packed with all the fun things this month.

They've had projects, guests speakers, themed days and field days.  We got the schedule for their field day weeks ago and I mentioned it to Kevin.  He said, "It's already on my calendar!"  He was so excited to go and cheer for the kids and their classes.  It was really sweet!  It was perfect because both kids had field day time slots that were either Leo's lunch or nap time.

You know this has been a wild and crazy year for our family moving mid school year so this meant the world to us that the kids were wrapping up the year on such high notes.  Elementary school will always have a special place in my heart since I spent 9 years teaching there before we had kids.  Both Olive & Fletcher have teachers that are wonderful about posting pictures on the class Facebook page during their class time and Kevin said he was on assignment to document their Field Day since I couldn't be there.

Olive's team won the big tug of war battle and both kids had a blast.

I cried happy tears watching some of their class videos.  It was a big answer to prayer to see them both so happy in their new schools and introducing Kevin to their friends.  We're all excited for Summer break and feel confident going into a new school year not being the new kids.

Olive's class is wrapping up a big unit on Charlotte's web.

Fletcher had Beach Day in addition to Field Day.  Kindergarten is so fun!

Best day ever!

I'm hoping that your kids are wrapping up great school years, too.  If not, I'll be hoping and praying that next year is fantastic for them.  We're praying for our kids to get teachers that will be perfect for them and their needs in 1st and 4th grade.  Just 2 more days until Summer break here!

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  1. Seeing our kids happy and thriving definitely makes us as mama's happy too!


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