Friday, February 28, 2020

Dollar Tree Haul: Easter, Fairy Gardens & Birthdays

I had a different post planned for today and then I ended up changing my mind after going to the Dollar Tree this week.  I stopped in to pick up some supplies for Fletcher's birthday party .  I found lots more!  I don't shop at Dollar Tree regularly.  I stop in for holidays, birthdays and for travel trinkets.  I like a lot of their stuff; I just find myself overbuying if I stop in too frequently.  Do you shop at Dollar Tree regularly?

I have a fun Dollar Tree Haul for you today that includes everything from Easter, to fairy garden houses, birthday supplies and travel trinkets.

I'll start with my favorite - Fairy Garden Houses!!  This is my 3rd year buying them and they just keep getting better!!  They are so colorful, detailed, well painted and darling.  They had everything from a cactus, carrot, flowers and a pine cone.  I'm adding these to my kid's Easter baskets.  You can't beat the $1 price tag.  Shop these now because they won't last long in stores!

I started my shopping trip by snapping pictures in store.  Then I got distracted.  Whoops!  Let me give you a sneak peak of the Easter section.  They had tons of cute Easter eggs.

My store always keeps the fairy garden supplies on an end cap.  It was fully stocked this week.

I picked up a few more gnomes because my kids love them.

These coloring packs and sticker sets are so fun for traveling.  We've got some summer trips on the horizon so I bought an LOL set and a Toy Story set to save for the kids for our trips.

Mom Hack: Pick up cute travel trinkets as you spot them throughout the year.  That way you've got a stash of them for Summer road trips or holiday travel.  It's expensive and can be difficult to find a lot of travel trinkets at once.  This way makes it fun to shop for them all year long. 

My kids love playing with these plastic animals.  They had a ton of options at my store.

Lots of wrapping paper for all of our upcoming Spring birthdays.  The unicorn paper is so cute!  Fletcher picked out the stars for his birthday.  I like to use the brown polka-dotted paper for a disposable table cloth.  The brown papers are all thick and really durable.  The colorful papers for parties, birthdays, wedding, etc. are thinner papers.  They still work great and are a great deal.  They just are not really a thick wrapping paper.

My store was just starting to stock Easter stuff.  I LOVED these sweet canvas bunny bags!  Last year I bought the ones on the left and this year I bought the ones on the right.  They are so fun to fill with candy for my kid's Easter baskets.

Aren't they SO SWEET?!?!

The ears are sewn on and they have a draw string to close the to.  They'll be so cute in our baskets!

Fletcher had the best time helping me pick out his birthday party supplies!  He picked a monster truck theme so we're going with monster trucks + red + lots of fun colors.  He was so cute helping me pick out all of this.  We're doing his family parties a little early this year because I'm not sure I'll be up for hosting a party and traveling just a few weeks before my due date.  An early party will ensure that he has a fun party to celebrate turning 4!!

Travel trinkets + my favorite jelly beans.  I don't think they'll last long enough to be a travel trinket :)

Hope your Dollar Trees are fully stocked with all this fun stuff!!
Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I love The Dollar Tree but I also don't go very often because I quickly get overwhelmed with all the things. I love how your fairy garden collection has grown over the years. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to relax some.

  2. I saw a bunch of fairy and gnome garden stuff yesterday in Michael's and thought of you! Funny that you posted about it today!

  3. Oh you scored! Love that F got to choose his birthday goodies, what a great idea. I was there yesterday and got a wishing well for my fairy garden. I go to dollar tree a lot, probably more than I should, lol.

  4. Those bunny bags are ADORABLE!
    I have a dollar tree literally 3 minutes from my house but I don’t go in very much!
    I will definitely have to go and see if they have those bunny bags- because those are too cute to pass up!

  5. I'm so glad you found all those fairy garden pieces! They seem to sell out quickly so I'm glad you were able to pick up so many good ones! I oohed and ahhed over those little bunny bags too - they are precious. That brown craft paper is one of my favorites to keep on hand, too! I've never used it as a table cloth but now you've got me thinking about using it on my island. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. Those Easter treat sacks are super cute. I always overspend at Dollar Tree too. Getting party supplies and paper there is the cheapest and best way to go.


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