Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Valentine Recap

We enjoyed a fun Valentine's Day + a three day weekend.  Olive had off, but Kevin did not.  We enjoyed a little road trip (more on that later this week!) and celebrated with lots of LOVE.

We made some homemade sugar cookies!  They were fast and had a glaze that the kids could help with.  They're not the prettiest/neatest cookies, but they were SO good.

I went to a Favorite Things party with friends!  It was so much fun!  I picked out a heart waffle maker and came home with some really fun make up wash cloths and a drying rack. 

Fletcher learned all about primary colors and color mixing at his science class.  He loved it!

We enjoyed heart cookies from our favorite local bakery.

 We ate hearty lunches all week long!

We had two 2 hour school delays for Olive for frosty single digit temps and slippery roads.  It was wonderful to get to sleep in and have slow mornings.

We helped host Olive's Valentine's Day party at school.

We made loads of valentines!!  We made them for each other, for friends and neighbors.  It was so sweet!  We also got lots of fun valentine mail last week.  The kids LOVE getting mail addressed to them.

  Sams run for a soft pretzel and some fruit.

Surprise hot pink roses from my valentine!  He was so proud of himself.  He said "They were selling roses and baby's breath separately for $10 cheaper than the already assembled bouquets.  I just grabbed two separate bundles and saved $10!"  My sweet deal hunter valentine :) 

We also grabbed Qdoba take out for Valentine's Day dinner.  Kevin got a coupon emailed to him for BOGO dinners if you gave your valentine a kiss at check out.  Good deal!  We loaded everyone up and went to Qdoba.  At check out, he showed the young cashier his coupon and said, "Do I really have to kiss her to get the deal or do you just want to see my coupon code?"  He was being so serious, but it sounded hilarious.  Like he'd prefer not to give me a kiss.  I cracked up and the poor cashier was like,,, "Um, well, you don't have to kiss her if you don't want to!"  He realized his tone and laughed too.  He gave me a big kiss and then I teased him about it all weekend long!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day with your people!


  1. Haha, qdoba has me chuckling! I’m glad you teased him about that! Your Valentine celebrations sounded so special! And your roses are gorgeous!!

  2. It was a three day weekend for us as well! And Mason got out at 12:40 on Valentine’s Day! We were thrilled. Those cookies look amazing and those sweet Valentines are just precious. And that last picture…all the heart eyes!

  3. Oh what a funny story! Kevin is such a great deal finder. You do so much for your family!


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