Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Simple Family Dinners

I have a really delicious round up of Simple Family Dinner ideas for February. 

They're all simple, delicious and kid/adult friendly. 

They all take less than 30 minutes to make with minimal clean up.

As far as cravings go, ALL food sounds good these days.  That means that I've been cooking more than usual and trying out some new recipes.  Hope you find something new that your family would enjoy eating for dinner.

Salsa Verde Bowls:
We tried something new this month!  We love several of the other Zatarain's box meals - Dirty Rice & Jambalya and were excited to try out the Salsa Verde rice.  It was good!

1 box of Zatarain's Salsa Verde rice, taco meat, homemade pico and all the toppings.  Everyone build their own bowl.  The kids just wanted meat and cheese with a side of rice.  The adults loaded up the toppings.  So good!

Baked Pasta:
I loved baked pasta dishes that you can make one night and eat for two nights plus lunch.  I did rigatoni, ground beef, Prego sauce and mozzarella cheese.  We served it with salads & fruit/veggies. 

I built all the salads and am trying to introduce the kids to veggies in new forms.  The salads were for me, Kevin, Olive and Fletcher had the tiny one.  Olive loves salad just as much as me.  We all added our own dressings.  Fletcher made sure everyone knew he thought his salad was disgusting, but the rest of the crew enjoyed it.

Leftovers for dinner!  Leftovers seem less boring if I change the up the sides for the second night.  That way the meal doesn't feel so redundant and we all enjoy eating it.

Hamburger Salad:
Grill hamburgers on your stove top.  Serve them with all your favorite toppings minus the buns.  Serve with tator tots and fruit.

Baked Chicken Tacos:
Soft taco shells, seasoned rotisserie chicken and cheese.  I added spicy and cheddar cheese to the grown up tacos, and then made the kid's tacos to order.  I made sure to bake enough to have extras for lunches.  Serve with all the toppings, fruit and black beans.

Sausage, Green Beans & Potatoes:
This is a meal I grew up eating so it always feels like comfort food.  It's so easy and so cheap!

One pkg of Polska Kielbasa Sausage (around $3), two cans of cut green beans + potatoes, one onion, cornbread and fruit.  Heat the veggies all together on the stove top until the onions are soft.  We have tried a lot of cornbread mixes and keep coming back to the plain old Jiffy mix.  It's under $1 a box and it's really good.  I always fry the sausage in the skillet and serve it on the side.  My mom used to cook the sausage in with the veggies.  We all enjoyed this meal!

Breakfast for Dinner:
Do you have a meal in your arsenal that your family LOVES?  You know everyone will eat it without complaint and lick their plates!?!  This is ours.

Heart waffles from a Hungry Jack Light and Fluffy mix.  My kids love chocolate chips in theirs.  Scrambled eggs and bacon.  We had this twice and everyone enjoys it.

Build Your Own Nacho Bar:
I served this for the Super Bowl.  Taco meat + cheese baked nachos and then all the toppings.  A little something for everyone.  These nachos do not reheat very well so I only make enough to feed us for one meal.

Meal Prep:
Every week I bought, shopped and chopped our produce.  Our fridge was very colorful and we all ate pretty well this month.  I have been going to Sams, Walmart and Aldi for our produce.  Sams really does seem to have the best fruit this time of year.  My family really does eat healthier when I go to the time and trouble to prep everything.  That's really motivating for me to keep it up!

What meals did your family enjoy this month??

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  1. Oh you had me at EASY! I need to try those chicken tacos!

  2. These all sound good! Can’t wait to try them! So fun to see a meal you grew up eating :)

  3. YES to all of these dinners!! Now I am hungry!!! It must be a Midwest thing...because I totally grew up having kielbasa and potatoes and green beans! It is an easy go-to dinner for us now! Love all of your ideas friend...will definitely be coming back to this post on Sunday when I plan out my meals for the week!

  4. These are all such good ideas! I'm going to look for the salsa rice.

  5. I really need to try the baked tacos. They look so easy and tasty!

  6. I wish I could just eat at your house! Your food looks soooo good. I am going to have to try that new rice. I love any type of rice situation.


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