Friday, February 21, 2020

Simple Joys

We've been working hard to teach our kids to point out the simple joys in their days.

We always ask about the highlights of their days at dinner, pray for people they request and we've started saying things we're grateful for at dinner.  It's been a rewarding routine that we all look forward to each day.  It doesn't require money, much effort or time, but the process is really rewarding.  We've noticed the kids giving more details and thinking harder to come up with their answers each day.

I thought I'd share some of my simple joys with you from this week.  None of them are flashy moments, but they were all highlights in my week.

1 // Donut Dates.
Fletcher has started saying "My belly is screaming for _________" and this week it was screaming for Square Donuts.  He was thrilled that they had all of our favorites.  I hate that Olive can't go with us since she's at school.  But we remedy that by getting her a donut to go for an after school snack.  I'm also feeling extra sentimental about our days together because A. baby brother is coming in April and I know things will change.  B. Fletcher will start preschool next year which means I will no longer be the boss of all of our days.  I'm trying hard to say yes to the lunch dates and fun as much as possible this year.

 2 // Kid Classes.
We went to story time this week and the bubbles at the end never disappoint.  Fletcher loves going to these classes.  It's really fun to see him grow and learn from someone other than me.

3 // Bedtime Stories with Dad.
Kevin loves to read a little bit of a chapter book to the kids every night.  They're currently reading The Boxcar Children.  It's such a sweet moment in our day.

4 // Homemade Bread.
My bread making skills are coming right along!  These were my loaves this week and they were my best yet!  I think I've finally nailed down the perfect combo of ingredients, oven temp, baking time, etc.  My family enjoyed a loaf of bread and I always share the second one.  It feels really great to be at a point with my bread making that I can share it.

5 // Playing.
These two love playing outside and miss that during the winter.  I've been trying to be better about bundling up and heading outside.  We enjoyed a pretty sunset and some fresh air.

6 // Stand Up for Yourself.
Olive's been having some issues at school that were bugging her.  She'd come home and talk about them, but wasn't sure she wanted any help solving her problems.  We talked things through for several days.  Then she came home one day and said she worked up the courage to talk to her teacher about them.  The teacher helped her to solve her problems and I was SO PROUD.  I love that she's learning how to ask for help and advocate for herself.  She was really proud of her self, too.  It's fun to see her confidence growing in lots of areas this year.

What are some simple joys from your week??


  1. I loved this post! You are so right about looking for the joy in our days. Thanks you for this reminder. Yay to Olive - she is very brave! And your bread looks oh so good! I wish you could teach me how to make it!

  2. You have such a beautiful heart, friend! Love all of these sweet and precious moments.

  3. That's so wonderful that Olive is learning the skills to speak up for herself at school. So hard for your mama heart though! Have a good weekend!

  4. I am loving all your bread pictures! I recently had to go gluten free so I am trying to find a g-free bread that I like!

  5. It is so good to hear about kids self advocating! it's such a good skill to learn!

  6. I love that Olive is learning to ask for help. It is often so difficult to teach the trait of advocating. Olive is so mature. It is hard as the mama not to just rush in there and help. I'm having some sleep issues with Jack right now so I'm really having to work hard to find the happy moments.


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