Monday, February 10, 2020

Last Minute Valentine Ideas

Happy LOVE week!!

Do you have any fun plans for Valentine's Day??

We are looking forward to doing lots of sweet things all week long.  But, in full disclosure, I have put up almost zero Valentine decorations.  We have fun dishes and fun kid art up.  I just didn't feel like getting out all the decorations.  And no one really noticed.  Maybe next year!?!?

I have some sweet ideas to share with you to put together a sweet valentine's week for the people you love.  None of it is super expensive or extravagant, but I guarantee that your family and friends will feel very loved if you follow through with some of these things.

Make their favorite treats.  Add in some festive napkins and heart shaped candies!

Pack heart and XOXO lunches.

Bake, make or buy their favorite treats.

Soak up the good times with some quality time.

Read some Valentine's Day or love books together.  Watch a rom com with your Valentine.

Assemble valentines with your kids, help out with their class parties and surprise them with a fun heart shaped treat!  Our local donut shop is making heart donuts all week long.  They're $1 each and my kids LOVED them for a surprise after school snack.

We picked up these cute valentine gifts for Olive's teacher.  Aren't the enamel pins so sweet?!?  Olive picked out her favorite color nail polish and a fun Valentine note pad.  I sent this to school today so that her teacher would have time to enjoy them all week long.  The whole gift cost around $10 - all from Walmart.  Holiday gifts do not have to be pricey or fancy to let someone know that you appreciate them.

I picked up my husband's favorite trail mix, candy and a sweet card for him this week.  Aldi has some really cute cards for $1.99!  My hubby hates pricey cards so I know he's really going to love his bargain card :)

I picked up similar things for each kid this year.  Just a little something to say I love you!  A boy and girl, activity book, Nerd rope, candy (I saved the leftover red Christmas candy back for Valentine's Day) and a fun card game for each kid.  Fletcher got the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game for Christmas and is obsessed.  I think he'll love the Squirrel card game.  Olive loves any find it or spot it game.  Kevin and I will also write them sweet Valentines.

I'm going to a FAVORITE THINGS PARTY tonight and bringing a heart waffle maker.  I hope someone is very excited to get it.

I'll include my amazon links below for anything I can.  Thankfully Amazon Prime could have any of these items to your house in plenty of time for Valentine's Day on Friday!!


  1. Love these ideas! It's so much fun to find little gifts and things to share with the people we love. You always inspire me with your ideas! <3

  2. Oh how I already miss class Valentine's!

  3. I need to get motivated about celebrating V-day! Michael is out of town, and you know he is the "fun guy." But I still want to make it fun for the kids. :) Great ideas.

  4. Where did you find the Valentine's Day Highlights? How cute!


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