Friday, February 7, 2020

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I feel like I'm hitting my stride with maternity fashion this time around.

I know what I like.  I know what feels good and what looks good.  It's still a challenge to actually take the time to take outfit pictures, but I promise I'm putting together cute outfits most days.

It's no surprise that I gravitate towards a very similar style even when I'm not pregnant.  It feels great to feel comfortable in your own skin and know your style in any stage of life.

My outfits have been including these essentials:

Pretty colors
Paired with statement earrings, booties & dark denim most days

Scarves //
Now that it's COLD I've been wearing lots of scarves.  They're the perfect extra layer.  This blanket scarf was a Christmas gift from a friend.  It's such a pretty plaid.  I have paired down my scarf collection to include just my favorites and it's been really great to give my closet some breathing room.

I love the combo of basics paired with fun accessories.  This top is vintage Motherhood Maternity and the jeans are Motherhood as well.  I love these solid color basics.

Leopard //
I just love this print!  I have been wearing this leopard sweater, leopard scarf and a leopard cardigan all winter long.  This sweater is from Motherhood, but will easily work for me again next winter.

Pretty Colors //
I don't wear this burgundy color very often, but I probably should look for more of it.  I get tons of compliments on this dress every time I wear it.  It's not a maternity dress.  It's just a cozy swing dress from Old Navy.  I can wear it pregnant and again next year.  I've been really happy with these Motherhood tights. 

Olive loves pretty colors, too.

Vests //
My utility vest has been worn a lot this winter.  I also love this flowy vest.  You'll never guess where I found it... Cracker Barrel!

I'm not sure what that says about the state of my closet, but I love it!  It's so cozy.  It was just $25, is very flowy, has pockets and it's perfect to wear pregnant or not pregnant.

We all wore vests to church this Sunday.

What are you wearing this winter?


  1. Love all these looks. and give me all the leopard!

  2. So cute, Whitney! We have found some cute poncho type items at Cracker Barrel as well. You always look so put together!

  3. Love that color burgundy on you!! Your style is so timeless at the same time it’s fun and playful! Hope you have a great weekend friend!!💗

  4. Love your style!! All the leopard, patterns and that burgundy dress - they all look great on you! We were in Cracker Barrel this week and I too noticed several cute clothing and accessory items! They even had some rain boots that I loved. Your hair looks gorgeous in these pics, too! <3

  5. I love the Old Navy swing dresses. They're so easy to dress up or down and to layer when for the weather.


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