Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rainbows Everywhere!

I love rainbows especially this time of year.  They just seem perfect for St Patrick's Day and Spring.  We've been doing rainbow art, eating rainbow meals and playing with rainbow toys.  I figured I'd show you some of our favorite rainbows in case you wanted to join in the fun.

My kids LOVE making rainbows.  We learned the whole ROY-G-BIV together, but then they took off making all the rainbows of their own.  They really love playing with these Cars Mini Racers right now.  Fletcher has been earning them for potty prizes and it's something that both kids play with.  I'll put a link to them below in case your kids would enjoy some Lightning McQueen stuff, too.

Rainbow Sprinkles - I've been adding rainbow sprinkles to everything - cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.  These big sprinkles are my favorite.  You can find them in the ice cream sundae supply aisle.  I love to bake and share.  We're delivering rainbow treats to Olive's school, neighbors and friends this week.

Rainbow Dinners - I made tacos with ground chicken the other night and served it like a rainbow.  My family loved it and it didn't take much longer than my usual prep.  I love making big meals like this so we can eat twice plus some lunches.

Rainbow Lunches - I squeezed ten different things into Olive's yumbox yesterday.  She loved it!

Rainbow plants - I've added some color to my indoor garden recently.  I found these plants for $4.99 in the planters at my Aldi this week.  What a deal!!  I'm going to use them as decorations for Fletcher's birthday party and then save them to add to my home decor.  I love decorations that can do double duty.

Rainbow salads - This is my go to lunch for the week.  I buy all the ingredients and then have it several times throughout the week.  Easy and delicious!

Rainbow art - Olive got this Crayola set for Christmas and LOVES it.  It's so neat and she has kept everything so organized.  It comes in the cutest briefcase.  I would HIGHLY recommend this set for a gift or for your own kids.  What a deal!

Rainbow Feet - This rainbow foot print art is one of my very favorite St Patrick's Day decorations.  We made it last year and it's so sweet!!

Rainbow lids - I pulled this one from the 2017 archives.  My kids had so much fun making rainbows with lids that I'd saved.  Such an easy, free activity for little ones.

Rainbow Jello - I'm making this for my family and for Kevin's students this week.  You can find my recipe and directions here.

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  1. So fun! Love the kids feet as a rainbow!

  2. What a fun post!! You’re such a creative girl! I’m off to look for some rainbows today!


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