Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Top 10 Games for Family Game Night

We have entered a new season of parenting - GAME NIGHT!!

Our kids love to play games with us in the evenings.  They still need a little bit of help and reminders so they rarely play on their own.  Our usual routine is homework, play, dinner, clean up, pjs on, snacks and game night.  We don't do it every night, but it does happen several times a week.

The kids ask to play games so we squeeze them in whenever we can.  My kids are almost 6 and 3.  Obviously, the six year old is much better at playing games than the three year old.  He loves to join in, but just as quickly as he starts he runs off to go play cars.  We usually just add him back into the game when he returns.  Super flexible rules and a motto of we're all doing something new together attitude work best.

I also want to say that we still have plenty of moments where we need to step away from the games.  Someone will be in the middle of a heated game of checkers and a certain little brother will send the game board flying.  We will also split up and play one on one with kids.  That way the three year old can play how he wants and the six year old can stick closer to the rules with the other parent.  We keep our expectations low and just have fun together!

These are our TOP family games.  The games that we think ALL families would enjoy.  They'd be perfect for birthday gifts, Easter baskets or a fun family game night surprise.

The Art Button Game sneak peek:

Picasso Tiles sneak peek:

1. Memory Matching Game
My kids are obsessed.  We don't play the traditional way, but it still really fun.  We each turn over two cards and WE LEAVE THE CARDS FACING UP after each turn.  That way little ones can easily match their new cards with the cards we've already turned over.  We have several versions of Memory - emoji, Sheriff Callie, Princesses and Minions.  The Minions Game is on sale for just $5!!

2. Hot Potato
Olive played this at school and had to have it.  We have had it for over a year and love it.  It's a great game for a class party, kid party or for family game night.  It's hilarious every time.

3.Button Art Game
This is a wonderful game for practicing colors with kids.  Both of my kids enjoy it.  They can both play independently with it or take turns and play together.  No adult help required.  It's a been a favorite game of our for months.  There are animals, flowers, vehicles, houses and more to design.  We play the correct way with matching colors or we do crazy pictures with wacky colors.

4. Mancala
I grew up playing Mancala and loved it so much.  Olive is at the perfect age to learn it.  We picked up a set and watched a you tube tutorial on how to play it together.  Watching someone else play really helped her understand how to play the game.

5. Chutes and Ladders
This is a great game to practice counting.  The board goes up to 100 and is really fun.

6. Guess Who
We all enjoy playing Guess Who.  It's a great game for paying close attention to details, asking yes or no questions and taking turns.

7. Smart Games: Little Red Riding Hood
A friend gifted this game to us and it's so cool!  The kids have to replicate the pictures using all the puzzle pieces.  There's tons of opportunities for conversation, critical thinking and explanation.  It's fun to play one on one with a kid or with the whole family.

8. Candyland
This was the first game that started family game night for us.  It was really basic and we could all play together.  I will say that the vintage Candy Land board is much more fun than the new abbreviated version.  We have both and jump back and forth.

9. Mr & Mrs Potato Head
The kids both LOVE putting the potato heads together.  They think it's hilarious to make silly potato heads and give them personalities.  Lots of laughs with these!

10. Picasso Tiles
My kids both got sets of Picasso Tiles for Christmas.  They play with them every single day.  They're getting more and more creative with them.  Their friends want to play with them when they come over and they really give the kids tons of opportunities to build, create, think out loud and plan structures together.  They're the best toys.

Now tell me what games does your family enjoy playing together???

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  1. Great game selections! Isn't it funny when you are used to a "vintage" version of a board game and then you see the updated version. It doesn't seem like the same game! We have been playing Rhyme Out after dinner - a fun game for older kids! Lately it seems like quick card games are best for us, since homework and activities are keeping my teens busy. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I used to love game night growing up. I had a Disney memory game (mom still has it) and hot potato. I remember playing a lot of Clue Jr., Monopoly Jr., Chutes and Ladders. My oldest sister had a game and I can't even remember the name of it but it was a memory game where you flipped over the flags of countries. They sat in a big tray and you flipped them over. So much fun. I can't wait until we can start playing games. I guess we can start now with just us if we wanted to!

  3. “Santa” got the kids old school Operation (he gets the kids a new boars game every year) and it has been a HUGE hit. The kids other favorite is Sorry!

  4. I can't wait until Alice is old enough to play some games!

  5. Lucy is obsessed with Candyland right now and we just have a family single-elimination Guess Who tournament last weekend :) . We love playing games together!!!

  6. We LOVE Mancala! Even my 6 year old got the hang of it and can beat us a lot!! And I'm laughing so hard at that hot potato - I had that as a kid! In my recent post I just shared some games we purchased - I want to institute game night in our house!


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