Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Charcuterie Boards Made Easy

My family has been enjoying Charcuterie Board meals for months now.

They're so easy to put together.  Very minimal dishes required and clean up is equally easy.  You can personalize the boards to include anything you love so they're the perfect meal for even the pickiest of eaters.  I try to include a new item or two just to give the kids a chance to try new things.

Board or large platter
small bowls (we always put the smoked cheese in a bowl because Kevin's the only one who likes it)
salty crackers/pretzels

There's no wrong way to put together a charcuterie board!!

Kids and adults love them.  We have set rules to make it a fun dinner for everyone - take one item at a time, you have to eat a variety (ie you can't eat all the berries at once), if you touch it you have to take it and if you don't care for something you picked up set it on your plate.

1. Aldi & TJ Maxx have really great, affordable cutting boards
2. Aldi is the best place to affordably buy meats and cheese for your board
3. Buy supplies knowing that it'll be enough to make 2-3 Charcuterie Board meals if you package everything up properly in between uses.
4. Use board meals as a great time to clear out your fridge!  Finish up all those little bits of things (even leftover pizza!!)
5. Cut all the cheese on the board different to distinguish them from one another

Now for some Charcuterie Board Inspiration:

Rainbow Charcuterie Board - perfect for St Patrick's Day this week or for a fun Spring dinner.

Dinner: Leftover pizza, large pretzel sticks, pears and berries.

Appetizer cheese plate:
Smokey cheese, extra sharp white cheddar, sharp cheddar and cheddar cubes.
Gardettos, Wheat Thins & Pita crackers 

Dinner Board: Rolls, tortilla chips, salami, turkey sausage, sliced mozz cheese sticks.

After school snack board:
Veggies & hummus, pretzel chips, crackers and fritos.

In case you need some more Charcuterie Board Inspiration:

Family Friendly Charcuterie Boards

Build Your Own Yogurt Board

Valentine Dessert Board

Breakfast on a Board

Do you have any Charcuterie Board questions?  Anything you'd like to see me put together?
I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. We love to eat meals like this. I putting together one Friday night for Ian’s after dance party!!

  2. I LOVE your fun food boards SO much. My family is not as fun as yours. Aaron's least favorite way to eat a meal is in the "snacky" form. HA! I however would eat like this every meal if I could!!
    I do love to make the kids' weekend snacks like this though! They think it's so fun!!

  3. We love our sunday night tradition around here!

  4. Can you incorporate some warm appetizers into this? I would love to see that. These really inspire me!

  5. You're an epic food board maker! I need to get myself together to make one because the kids would love it!

  6. This is fun. I love it and am going to try it out at home, thank you!


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