Friday, March 22, 2019

Highlights: Friends, Fun & Falling Trees!

Happy Friday!!  And Happy Spring Break!!

Kevin and Olive have the SAME Spring Break this year and we are so excited! 

We've had a pretty good week.  It's been a mostly fun one so I have lots to recap for you.  The only bummer of the week was that Olive got a bad ear infection causing her to miss a couple days of school.  She almost never gets ear infections so when she woke up in the middle of the night with ear pain I knew something wasn't right.  We headed to the doctor the following day, got some meds and now just need to kick this lingering cough to the curb.

Onto the highlights:

1. Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus
Have you tried this stuff??  I'd been searching high and low for it with no luck in my city.  I know lots of people found it at Aldi around Christmas.  My mom found it at her grocery store - Schnnucks Boar's Head brand - and delivered it to me.  It's SO good on pretzels and strawberries.  It has a very similar texture to regular hummus.  My kids and I loved it.

2. Chick-Fil-A
Fletcher has finally decided that he "wuvs chicken" and it makes me so happy!!  He's the cutest.  The Chick-Fil-A app is so handy.  You can place your order ahead of time and pick it up in the drive through or walk to the pick up checkout when you get inside.  You get to skip the long lines inside and just grab your order.  It's great!

3. Bike Rides
We've been going on bike rides almost every night.  The kids love it.  We love it and it makes me excited for Spring and Summer.  Olive is really responsible and Fletcher is a nut.  He's really fast and really good at riding his bike, but his street smarts need to be kept in check at all times.

4. Timmmmbbeeerrrrrrrr
We had some VERY strong wind and storms blow through town last Thursday.  It was windy all day long.  Olive came home from school like usual and grabbed a snack.  A few minutes later she said MOM OUR TREE IS DANCING.  I looked out and she wasn't kidding.  Our tree was majorly moving.  I didn't know what to do so I called Kevin.  He assured me I was overreacting and the tree would probably be fine.  I assured him our tree was coming down and to prepare for coming home to a fallen tree.

We kept watching.  Prayed God would keep the tree from falling on our house and sat and waited.  About 15 minutes later the tree came crashing down right before our eyes.  We are so thankful it landed in our yard and not on our house.  The kids were kind of scared, but it was fun to see our prayers answered together.

We went out to check it out and the tree ended up measuring at 42ft long.  It was huge!  We have a really nice neighbor that showed up with his chainsaw on Saturday.  He and Kevin made quick work of the massive tree problem.  We also lost a big shrub out by the road.  They got it all chopped and hauled away over the weekend.  Guess it's time to start tree shopping.

5. Literacy Fair
Our school corporation put on this big literacy fair and the students at each school got to have their writing on display.  I wasn't sure what to expect since it's our first year to participate in stuff like this, but Olive's kindergarten class wrote such cute things!

She was SO PROUD to be an author and have her writing on display.  We read her stories and had a fun time mingling with teachers and friends.

6. Gnomes
My kids are obsessed.  We love Gnomeo & Juliet as well as Sherlock Gnomes.  They are such cute movies.  I got the kids these gnomes for St Patrick's Day.  They've already found a home in our fairy garden.

7. St Patrick's Day
We loved celebrating St Patrick's Day at school and at home.  The kids looked very festive for church on Sunday.

8. Pirate Day
Olive's school recently had pirate day.  It was fun to put together a costume for her.  Fletcher wanted to join in the fun :)

9. Mall Walkers
We've been stopping by our mall a little more regularly.  Both kids are seeming so grown up lately.  They just strolled through the mall and Olive asked, "So when I'm 10, can you just drop us off here?" #nope

10. Donut Grow Up
Our friends invited us to hteir donut themed birthday party.  It was so cute and so fun to catch up with them.

11. Jelly Cat
If you're looking for the best stuffed animal on the planet - check out Jelly Cats.  They're in stores everywhere and you can find them online.  A student gifted me Olive's bunny and then Olive picked out Puppy for Fletcher when he was born.  They are well loved!

12. Plus 1 at the Dentist
Fletcher had to tag along with me for a super quick dentist appointment.  He loved all the attention and I think was hoping they'd brush his teeth.  He was really good and fun to run errands with that day.  Can't believe he's turning 3 next week!

Hope you have some fun plans for your weekend!! 

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  1. I love chocolate hummus<3 Those pirates are adorable and wow, that tree! Hallelujah for answered prayers and that your house was safe from that falling tree! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. There's so much goodness in this post! :) First of all, I'm so glad that the tree didn't fall on your house! We have a big one right off our kitchen that sways like crazy when it storms. I'm always nervous that it will crash on the house and Paul always tells me I'm over-reacting. In your case, this isn't a fun time to be right! Yikes! Fletcher is growing up so fast, he's the cutest little man. Love his hair all spiked up! :) I'll have to confess, I love Gnomeo and Juliet too! Haven't seen the new one - I need to get one that! Have a lovely weekend! <3

  3. That chocolate hummus looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the brand, I will be looking for it :-) so glad you all were safe from the tree, and your house too! That must’ve been frightening to see the trees swaying like that! Tell Olive her story was so interesting, and her drawings were beautiful! :)

  4. So glad you liked the chocolate hummus! And that is so crazy about the tree. I had one 'dancing' in the wind, too, but it stayed in. At least for now - it's still kind of wobbly if you push on it!

  5. Whitney... thank you for hosting such a fun party. Your children are darling! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. That tree! I can't believe such a tall tree was blown down! I love all the pictures of your sweet kids. Happy weekend!

  7. Have you checked the East Aldi for the chocolate hummus? I can't promise is dark chocolate, but I've seen chocolate hummus the last two weeks. It's so yummy! I eat it straight out of the container!

  8. Chocolate hummus? Hello! I've got to find that. So thankful that tree didn't come down on your house! Praise the Lord for answered prayers! Have a great week.

  9. Y’all have been busy and having lots of fun! That hummus looks delicious.


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