Friday, March 15, 2019

10 Things I Say Everyday

10 Things I Say Everyday.

I've seen this prompt floating around different blogs this week and loved it.  I started thinking about the things that I say over and over again every day.  My days are rarely boring, but there's a lot of routine and repetition in parenting young kids.

What are some things that YOU SAY EVERYDAY?

10 Things I Say Everyday

1. Good morning to you!  Good morning to you!
It's my job to wake up the whole house so we have a silly little good morning song we sing.  I'm not a morning person so I have to pull it together and set the tone for the whole family.

2. These are your options
I always give options so the kids get to pick.  Both options are things I approve of - gold fish or pretzels, smoothies or an apple, bike ride or side walk chalk?

3. Where's the last place you saw it?  Retrace your steps.
This is great for my kids and my hubby - ha!

4. Listen to his/her words & Stop hitting your brother/sister.
When the kids are frustrated with each other I remind them to listen to what the other person is saying and to get off of each other regularly.

5. Just a minute.  Pay attention.  Hang on a sec.
Everyone seems to want something right this second.

6. What was the best part of your day?  and I love you!
We go around the dinner table and take turns asking each other this question.  We also make sure to say lots of I love yous.

7. It's time for book club!
We try to read together every day and I call our reading time book club.  Each kid gets to pick a set number of books and we sit together on the couch and read them.

8. Teamwork!  If you want to do ________________, then you have to clean up ______________
We try to only have one or two toys out at a time and work together to get things cleaned up.

9. Sure, I'll snuggle you.
Both kids love to be snuggled.  They hop up on the playroom couch and make sure to leave me a spot in the middle.

10. Do you need to go to the potty?
We are working on potty training so I'm regularly asking this question.

10 Things that I HEAR all day long...

1. Hold me, Mommy!  Hold me!
2. Do I have to wear socks?
3. What are my options?
4. Can I watch this on Netflix?
5. Will you buy me a car?
6. Can I have one more snack ?
7. Will you play a game with me?
8. How were the kids today?
9. I love Mommy the most! (We have an ongoing silly competition where the kids think it's hilarious to tell us that they love Mommy or Daddy the most)
10. Will you rub my piggies?

Happy Friday!!  Hope you have a wonderful St Patrick's Day weekend.

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  1. Book club is a super cute way to phrase story time!

  2. Love this post, Whitney! It'll be a fun one for you and your family to look back at in the years to come too. I'm also a fan of asking about my family's favorite part of the day. Not only is it enjoyable to hear the answers, it fosters gratitude for joys we may otherwise overlook. We say so many "I love you"s at our house as well. It sure does make my heart full! I also love how you put it when you said you're not a morning person, but you have to pull it together as you set the tone for the whole family. That is so true and it sounds like you're doing a beautiful job! Soak up all those sweet phrases you hear from your kiddos daily! Wishing you and your precious family a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  3. I like that you call story time book club! SO cute! There are your options is also a phrase heard around our house too! :) Helps the littles feel like they have a little bit of say so in their day! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend friend!

  4. Oh I remember so many of these-- "those are your options" was a biggie! Though I do still ask "where was the last place you saw/had it?"

  5. You are such a good mom!! You and your blog inspire me so much with your passion for your family and your creative ideas! Love it. <3


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