Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Krusteaz Can Turn Anyone Into A Baker

Have you ever tried Krusteaz baking mixes??

They're amazing.

Every time I bake and take them somewhere people always ask me for my recipes.  Ha!

It's a joy to say that it's a box mix that you add just a couple ingredients to.  They really taste so good.  I bake all the time and consider myself a baked good snob.  I love homemade treats so it was really surprising to me that a boxed mix could pass for homemade.  These mixes can turn anyone into a baker!

They take all the guess work out of baking.  You just add an egg, water or butter and you get a delicious baked good.  The boxes are under $2 each and regularly go on sale for around $1.50.  I always have a stash of Krusteaz mixes in my pantry for quick desserts for my family or to take to friends.  They have regular and gluten free options and tons of varieties of muffins, breads and mixes.  There really is something for everyone.

Our Krusteaz favorites:
Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix
Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix
Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix
Double Peanut Butter Cookie Mix

I would NOT recommend their Chocolate Chunk Cookie mix.  It was gross!  I was so disappointed because everything else I've tried is delicious.

Let me show you how I've used these mixes:

Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix
These are delicious and really kid friendly to make.

We added a drizzle of icing to the tops of ours.
They were also the perfect football muffins for the Super Bowl.

Double Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
This mix comes with tiny peanut butter chips and I love to add regular chocolate chips.  The cookies are delicious either way.  I had a friend tell me that she loves peanut butter cookies and considers herself somewhat of a pb cookie connoisseur.  She said these were delicious!  I agree!  They are the perfect chewy cookie and are even better the second day.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix
The best snicker doodle I have ever tasted.  They're amazing.  Olive's favorite cookie and a crowd pleaser everywhere we bring them.  People always ask me for this recipe thinking it's a secret family recipe :)

The cookies on the left were a big hit for Interview Day in Kevin's department.

I've also added red and green sprinkles to make the Snickerdoodles festive for Christmas.

These made great little gifts for Olive's teachers.  They're her favorite cookie so it was fun to give them away to some of her favorite people.

Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix
I make these all the time.  I like to add a sprinkle of white sugar to the tops of the muffins before I bake them.  They are amazing.  I bring these to my Bible study regularly.  The kids and adults love them.  They were shocked to find out they were a box mix.

They make cute football muffins.

And perfect mini muffins.

I'm telling you these Krusteaz mixes are SO GOOD and really make baking SO SIMPLE.  I promise. 

Have you ever tried Krusteaz mixes before??  You should.

This post is not sponsored at all.  They occasionally share some of my fun ideas on their instagram account, but that's it.  Just a friend sharing something delicious with another friend.


  1. You know I'm a fan of the Krusteaz mixes. I need to try those snickerdoodles. Great post!

  2. These Krusteaz mixes look amazing -- I'm going to look for them the next time I'm at the store. And Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie too -- Olive has great taste ;-)

  3. I have not tried any of the Krusteaz mixes...but I am a HUGE fan of getting the pre-made muffin/bread/cookie mixes from Aldi! My kiddos love the chocolate chip muffin mix from Aldi- and to make it a little "healthier"- I sub out the oil for a ripe banana and some applesauce! I also love using the baking mixes for when the kiddos want to bake. It's so much less stress to have to dump a few things in a bowl versus getting lots of ingredients out and having to do a lot of measuring. I am going to pick up a few of these mixes when I make my next Walmart grocery order!!

  4. My mouth is WATERING! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thank you for this post! I used to pick those up all the time and have gotten out of the habit! My favorite thing to do with the cinnamon swirl mix is to add orange juice, craisins and pecans for a fancy muffin! We love snickerdoodles but I've struggled with my recipe not turning out as well in the South as it did when I made them in Indiana. Ha! I will definitely try the box mix.


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