Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!!   Hope you've had a great week.  We're doing well.  We decorated the house for St Pat's Day, have some fun plans with friends and are supposed to get a little more snow today.  Spring seems a long way off in Indiana.

I've got a lot of favorite things to share with you today.

I love decorating with rainbows this time of year.  We have made St Patrick's Day cards, eaten rainbow food and I found this super cute rainbow purse for Olive at Target.  It's Cat & Jack, but I can't seem to find it anywhere online now.  I'll wait til next week to give it to her, but isn't it sweet!?!

Fiddle Leaf Fig
I've wanted a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant for years.  I have never been able to find one locally until recently.  My Walmart had really good size plants for just $17.  I already had a basket for it.  I'm hoping that I can learn how to take care of it and that it'll like this sunny spot in our family room.  Do you have a Fiddle Leaf?  Any tips for me?

Toddler Trail Mix
I try to make something to take to Bible Study every week.  There are lots of moms and kids and everyone seems happier with a snack.  This week I cleaned out my pantry and made a fun toddler trail mix.  It had all of our favorite snacks - chocolate chips, popcorn, animal crackers, Goldfish and pretzels.  I served it in solo cups and the kids loved it.  Super easy kid friendly snack!

My parents came up for a visit.  We had a really fun day visiting, working on projects and eating yummy food together.

Boy Mom
I've mentioned before, but I wasn't sure I'd be good at being a boy mom.  I really loved being a girl mom so I was nervous about figuring out boy stuff.  Turns out I was worried for NO REASON.  Being a boy mom is WONDERFUL.  Fletcher is completely different than Olive and I couldn't love him more.  He's the best little sidekick.  He's been going through a growth spurt lately - eating everything, napping in the afternoons and outgrowing clothes right and left.

We've gotten some snow this month and it's currently snowing at my house!  Crazy March weather.  We love snow anytime :)

We bought these patches months ago and I finally got around to putting them on the kid's jackets.  I love how they look!  I sewed each one on and they are so cute.

Charcuterie Board Dinners
We are still loving charcuterie boards for dinner!!  The prep is so simple.  Very few dishes and there's something for everyone to eat.

Fresh Air
We have seen more sunshine lately and it's been so good!  It's still freezing, but it's amazing how good sunshine and fresh air is for your attitude.  Fletcher and I bundled up and headed outside to work in the yard one morning.  We picked up tons of sticks and played.  It was great!

Our squirrels have been chunking up nicely on all the bird seed we've been putting out.  The kids call them gummy bears and think they're hilarious.
My kids think pizza chalk art is so much fun!  Our driveway is covered in slices of pizza :)

Children's Museum
If you have a children's museum in your city, you really need to buy yourself a pass!!  They are such an amazing place for your kids to learn.  We go to ours regularly.  Both kids have LOVED the science classes they offer and admission is free for members.  Ocean creatures came to class this week. 

HUGE Light Bright set
The Vet's office is always a favorite hang out for both kids.

It's the Little Things
I've been trying to pay more attention to all the little moments in the day that make us smile.  Olive wore her hair in a pony tail and loved it.  Fletcher got to help me make muffins.  And double snuggles in my old sleeping bag after school.  The kids asked to snuggle like this to watch a movie after school.  Lots of little things each day add up to some pretty great days together.

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  1. Love all of your moments! I realized I don't have many St. Patrick's Day décor, so I'm hoping to shop sales for next year. I agree, I'm ready for Spring. I've been cooped up in the house for too long. Hooray for saving old sleeping bags. I had a Beauty and the Beast one growing up. Pretty sure Mom still has it stored somewhere! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh that rainbow purse is precious! Where did you find it??

  3. I love being a boy mom too, nothing sweeter than their little hugs and snuggles! We love a good snack tray supper, my kids love it too!

  4. I wasn't so sure about being a boy mom either but it didn't take very long for me to realize it's the best! But.... they do eat you out of house and home. Just wait until he's a teenager. I have three boys aged 10-15 and I just can not keep food in the house. In fact I'm headed out grocery shopping in just a little bit.

  5. I love your chalk pizza!! That was the perfect piece of sidewalk to draw it on! :) Hope you have a beautiful Spring Break!

  6. Can I have your recipe for avocado egg salad!


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