Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kids Love Aldi, Too!

You guys know that I love Aldi, but did you know that my kids love Aldi, too.

They have so many favorite products.  I am excited to show you them today.

The only things my kids don't love from Aldi are their cheese penguin crackers (similar to goldfish), Aldi brand cereals, Aldi hummus, Aldi popcorn (like Skinny Pop) and they aren't convinced that the Aldi version of their favorite breads is good (cinnamon swirl bread and wheat bread).

They really LOVE everything else.  They'd never know if it was Aldi brand or name brand from another store.

I snapped some pictures during our latest Aldi run.  I try to run most of my errands when Olive is at school.  And you'll have to excuse Fletcher's one shoe on and one shoe off.  You guys... he was having a MOMENT about a scratch on the top of his foot.  You would have thought he needed stitches by the way he was acting.  Luckily, "The Banana Clock" turned things around for him.  Although he did refuse to wear a shoe on his hurt foot throughout the whole store.  It was snowing outside so just know that I got plenty of judgy stares as a result.  It's fine.  He's fine.  We're fine.

Let's get shopping!!

We always stock up on the fruit that's on sale for the week.  This time it was strawberries and lemons.

We love this naan flat bread for pizzas.  I add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and then top with cheese.  Pop it in the oven until the cheese melts.  Delicious!  I was really excited to see $2 off stickers on it this trip.  I picked up a package of the mini and the full size.  I hadn't put pizzas on the menu for the week so they went right into my freezer.  They thaw perfectly and you'd never know they were frozen.

Aldi knock off Girl Scout cookies are so good.  They're under $1.50 at my stores which is a lot less than the $5/box Girl Scout cookies were bought last month.

Chips and Salsa are amazing!  My kids love both.

The kids love all the cheeses - string cheese, blocks of cheese and shredded.  It's all delicious!  It's so much more affordable than other stores.  We use this for lunches, charcuterie boards, pizzas, tacos and more.

Pretzel rods.  My kids love them!

My kids ask for these every time we go to Aldi.  I almost never buy them because $5 for fruit strips seems like a splurge.  I think I'll surprise the kids with a box of them for Summer road trips.

We love the creamy peanut butter.  It's a good deal at $3.19, but I've seen it go as low as $1.49.  Any time it's marked down or on sale I stock up.

Both kids love this Aldi nutra grain bars.

Aldi surprises me with their name brand finds.  They had these bags of mini cookies on clearance for $0.99 on this trip!  What a deal!  I bought 4 - Oreos and Nutter Butters to save for fun car snacks for our next road trip.  Tip: If you find a product majorly marked down - grab it while it's in stock.  Their markdowns do not last long and won' be restocked.

We love all of their boxed pastas.

Great deal on fruit pouches!  We love the Apple Peach.  I try to keep these on hand for an easy, healthy snack on the go.  It's not something we eat every.  I just always have them in the pantry.  The Apple Peach is delicious - I even grab them for a snack sometimes.

Super deal on milk!

We love their frozen rice and edamame.  This trip they were both majorly marked down.  I bought a couple of each for our freezer.  My kids love the edamame in the pods.  We serve them just like the restaurants do - steamed and salted.  The kids think they're so fun to eat.

My kids drink water 95% of the time, but these juice boxes are a fun treat for pizza night or a fun surprise at a picnic lunch.  They love both flavors.

We always admire the plants and fresh flowers.  We bought hyacinth bulbs back in February and these plants are going to do double duty - be pretty house plants and fun party decorations for Fletcher's construction themed party.  They were just $4.99 in the pots.  Great deal!  Sometimes I will let Olive pick out a plant or flowers for her teacher at that price.

And that's a wrap!!  I always fill my cart with fruits and veggies first.  Move on to cheeses and then stroll through the store.  Aldi really is an amazing store.  Be brave and check out a nearby store if you have one. 

If you're new to Aldi check out this post with all of Aldi Tips in it or head to my instagram (@polkaodttyplace) and look at my Aldi highlight bubble for more Aldi favorites.

What do your kids LOVE from Aldi??


  1. I'm an Aldi newbie, but I love it! This month I stocked up on: tortilla chips (just put the extras in the freezer, they thaw nicely), salsa, shredded cheese (again freeze the extra - it doesn't last long in our house!), milk and almond milk, pretzels, fruit snacks, eggs, and the Girl Scout cookies. This was a trial run to see how long things last so I know what to expect further on. I spent just under $50 which made me happy. It has opened up money that's in our $50/week local grocery budget. If only I had an Aldi closer than an hour away!

  2. Thanks for the tour around your Aldi! I really love ours too. I Telya, it was hard for me to purchase Girl Scout cookies knowing that the Aldi ones are actually a little tastier. ;) I feel so lucky to have such a great store nearby.

  3. Oops, should say “tell ya”

  4. Those girl scout cookies...yum! Great, kid-friendly finds. I got a laugh about F with his foot injury. :)

  5. We love Aldi's also. We tried the penguins for the first time last week and actually like the taste better than gold fish (but I think they crumble easier) Your store looks so much different than ours.

  6. My kids are divided on Penguins! HA! 3 of them like them- 2 do not. I can't say there is anything we don't like from Aldi!! Regular favorites are the Aldi brand Capri Suns, Veggie Straws and Veggie Chips, Aldi "Cheez-its" , yogurt pouches, granola bars...you know I literally buy EVERYTHING from Aldi. HA! Always love these posts friend!

  7. I somehow spent $100 at Aldi one day last week- that is one FULL cart from that place! hah I always buy outrageous amounts of produce from Aldi, it is such a STEAL! Husband dislikes Aldo regular cheerios, otherwise we do a couple of the cereals (including the HN Cheerios). Aldi's version of rosemary triscuits are better than the name brand- same with the cheezits, we buy Tell multiple boxes of the nutra grain bars on each trip hah, the aldi ranch veggie straws are a fave, as is the lightly salted popcorn bags and of course, the pouches. Lawter has discovered MY Aldi treat- the chocolate covered coconut almonds. I hate that I have to share them now. We buy lots of greek yogurt there, and we all love the gluten free/black bean/etc. varieties of tortilla chips they rotate. I also love how inexpensively I can stock up on salad/smoothie/overnight oat toppings like toasted pepitas, ground flax, chia, hemp, dried cranberries, etc. I have such a fun stash thanks to Aldi!


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