Monday, March 11, 2019

Shop at Walmart with Me

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Did Daylight Savings time throw you off??  My family didn't seem to notice and is loving the brighter evenings.  It took us a while to get adjusted to leaving in an Eastern time zone, but now we love it.

Last weekend I had a couple hours to myself so I headed out to run some errands with an iced coffee in hand and a book to read.  I don't love grocery shopping at Walmart.  If I need to get food from there, I usually plan ahead and do grocery pick up.  I do really enjoy looking around the store though. 

I went to Walmart to start picking up some thing for Fletcher's birthday and found tons of cute stuff.  I didn't buy a ton, but it was fun to look.  I will tell you what I bought below.  Just a reminder: You can get so many ideas and inspiration just walking through a store.  You don't have to always buy tons of new stuff every season.  There's definitely the temptation out there to buy buy buy.  And I try to combat that and only buy things that I love.  I thought you might be curious to see some of the great things Walmart has right now.

Let's go shopping!!

Really cute swim suit cover ups.

Several pretty kimono options for around $12.

Lots of beach hats for $9.97

I loved these backpacks.  They seemed a little pricey at $24.88, but they did seem really well made.

These circle bags were really popular last summer and they have them again this year. 

There was a whole cute section of travel bags.  I was really tempted to buy that lemon pouch.

Really cute oversized bags with tassels.  These were under $20 and look very similar to much pricier versions I've seen online.

Girls Section was stocked with cute stuff.  These Wonder Nation tops were great.  I love the pom pom detail.  I really love most of the Wonder Nation line.  It's almost like the Time and Tru line for Women.

These night gowns were so soft.

I loved the flutter sleeve Wonder Nation t-shirts.  They seem a little nicer than a plain old tee.  I think they were $6.98 and I picked up two for Olive.

I have been a big fan of their lightweight cotton summer dresses for several seasons now.  They are only $4.97 and had tons of cute patterns (hearts, stars, watermelons, lemons and a few more).  I came home with a lemon dress for Olive.

I was tempted to pick up one of these swim suit cover ups for Olive, but wasn't sure how much use we'd get out of it.  She usually just wears a sun dress over her swim suit.  It's a great price if you need a swim suit cover up.

Moving on to the little boys section.  There were LOTS of cute swim trunks and rash guards.  They were $6.94.  I picked up that sunglasses rash guard for Fletcher.  They sizes went up to 5T.  I was tempted to buy some of those swim trunks, but we are set for swim trunks this summer.

There were so many cute baby girl dresses for under $5.  If you need a baby gift, have a little girl or need to shop for a little girl - head to Walmart.  This Wonder Nation brand is SO CUTE.

Big boy section had lots of cute Summer tops.  I really liked this striped tee for boys and the plaid button up.

Women's Shoes: My store was clearancing out a lot of women's shoes.  I didn't need any new shoes, but it was fun to look. 

I am excited to see so many pointy toe flats out this Spring.  They're my favorite.  These Time and Tru pointy toe flats reminded me of the oh so popular Rothys.  I'd love a pair of Rothys, but just can't justify the $120 price tag.  These $9.87 shoes might be worth the try if you're in the market for a pointy toe shoe.

These mens button downs were so affordable!

Outdoor furniture!
There are so many great chair options for your patio!  I'd love a wicker bench like this brown one for our backyard.  The chairs were priced in the $60s and the bench was $112.  I've been looking around at similar benches and this price may be the best I can find.

Their outdoor rugs are around $80 and really great quality.  We've had one on our deck for a couple of years and it's been perfect.

I loved these confetti letters for Easter baskets.  They seem to have all the letters.

I couldn't pass up these cute canvas bags!  Won't they be so cute filled with candy in my kid's Easter baskets??  I picked up a carrot bag for each kid.

These canvas bunnies were really cute.  They're normally around $12 at TJ Maxx so it was fun to see some for only $8.98.

LOTS of cute Easter signs, wreaths and door hangers for under $15.  I was tempted to buy this welcome sign, but decided I didn't really need it.

Lemons are everywhere!  I liked this whole section.

This popular rainbow striped hoodie was on clearance in all colors at my store.  It was either $5 or $9 depending on the color.

I also picked up lots of boring stuff like cups, plates, sprinkles, etc for Fletcher's bday party at the end of the month.  It was so fun to take my time and stroll through the store.  That never happens when I'm shopping with my helpers :)

Did you see anything you LOVED on our shopping trip to Walmart??


  1. Eek. Lots of good stuff. I love the circle bags. So cute. And the pointed flats are awesome.

  2. That striped swimsuit cover up is so cute! And I love that lemon wreath!

  3. Those leopard flats are adorable! I wish I had browsed when I went on Friday afternoon, but I had a mindset I was just buying items to make laundry detergent. I am off Friday and have to go back. I am realizing that I probably need to retire my booties and wear flats from here on out. My feet get tired more earlier in the day. The kimonos are cute. I browsed the Easter décor isle and was hoping to find a section of St. Patrick's Day, but to no avail. I'll have more time Friday. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great finds! I haven't seen most of those things in my store yet!

  5. It was fun to go shopping with you! I have been entertaining the idea of getting a circle tote bag, so I may have to go to Walmart soon. I wholeheartedly agree that sometimes it’s enough to wander a store just getting inspiration. Since I have gotten into reselling, I have been trying to ask myself, “ is this something I want to keep for awhile or am I going to end up reselling it in six months?” It definitely keeps me from impulse buying! Thanks for the reminder to check Walmart for baby gifts, I have never done that but I can see that I should! What cute things they have!

  6. Your walmart is soooooo much cuter than mine- Jealous!! Fun finds/looks!

  7. Lots of cute things! I love the circle bags!

  8. of course...i LOVE this post. Why does Walmart have SOOO many good things??? It's overwhelming! HA! I picked up all the girls' Easter goodies from their fun spring/summer girls' section...they just have the CUTEST stuff!

  9. I purchased one of their beach hats and travel backpacks for our cruise and absolutely loved them both!


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