Thursday, March 14, 2019

St Patrick's Day Home Tour

St Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays because we love anything Irish.  I've been collecting decorations for years and I look forward to pulling them out every year.  The past couple years I have really tried to pair my decor down to things that I really love.  If I don't love it - it gets donated.  That's freed up some space in my holiday closets and makes decorating more fun since I don't have to weed through decorations that I don't use or love.

Welcome to our home!

Family Room:

My mantel was looking a little plain with just one garland.  Then a fun package showed up from my parents with several other cute garlands.  Looks much better with layered garlands on the mantle. 

I love this bright and cheerful spot!  My house plants are doing great.  

Sunny kitchen window.

I love decorating this tiered tray in the kitchen.

Our Notre Dame bathroom fits in perfectly this time of year.

 I did a fun St Patrick's Day DIY this year.  I love to doing hand print and foot print art with the kids.  As you can see above, we have done several canvas art projects.  This time I wanted to do something with finger prints that was FREE.  Here's the BEFORE pic.  I removed all the ribbons, wiped it off and spray painted it white.  We let it drive overnight and distressed it with sand paper.

Ta da!!  The next day we lined up our paints in rainbow colors + pink and started finger printing.  I helped make sure the red line went where it needed to go and then guided the kids with the other colors.  Both kids helped and it went pretty smoothly.  It also helped that if we made a mistake, we could just wipe the smudged print right off.  It dried quickly and is hanging in our playroom.

Our orange cats seem very Irish this time of year.
Topher follows the sunny spots all over the house and naps.  He turns 10 this Summer.

Scrappy - remember he's the outdoor cat that came with our house - is happy to be fed every day and talked to every day.  Just make sure there's a window between us.

 Did you decorate for St Patrick's Day?

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate?  We are going to the St Patrick's Day parade in our city, getting a babysitter for date night and making some rainbow treats for friends.


  1. So cute! I love the shamrock pillow in the first pic! The kids' art is too cute. I don't have a mantel, but I often hang banners/garland under one of our mounted deer. Haha it works for right now.

  2. I love your thought of getting rid of any decorations you don't love. I am going to have to start doing that.
    I have been slacking this year and haven't decorated for any holiday since Christmas.

  3. I have totally fallen off the boat when decorating for spring holidays! I hope to get my act together for Easter!

  4. Your mantle looks gorgeous, and I love the cozy corner with your rocker! Such fun, festive decor! Scrappy looks like he's faring pretty well under your (distant) care. :)


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