Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Build Your Own Yogurt Board

It seems like any food served on a board is all the rage right now. 

I know I'm on board with anything delicious served on a board.  Remember my post a couple weeks ago about Family Friendly Charcuterie Boards??  We love them!

I decided to put together a yummy yogurt board for us one morning.  Everyone but Olive loves yogurt at our house.  She'll tolerate it, but it's not her favorite.  She does love the fruit and granola so she just skips out on the yogurt. 

Back to the yogurt board.  It's so easy.

Just serve your favorite yogurt in bowls.  We love Vanilla yogurt.
Banana slices
Any berries that are in season
Almond slivers
Granola - we used vanilla almond granola

Everyone builds their own bowls of yogurt and enjoys!

Fletcher really enjoyed picking out what went into his bowl and so did I.  This was a great snack for both of us.

What would you put on a yogurt board?

I think it would be fun to offer a couple different yogurt flavors, homemade granola (which I've never attempted), peaches, mixed nuts, etc.  I think kids and adults would have a lot of fun building their own yogurt bowls for breakfast or brunch.  Maybe even at a baby/wedding shower?!?!  So many possibilities :)


  1. Presentation really is everything, and this looks delicious! I bet your kids loved putting their own dish together. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Super cute idea. I had a friend who did that at a little breakfast I was at once but more like parfaits and they were so delicious!!!

  3. We have a house full of yogurt parfait lovers and they're in the regular breakfast (and dessert ha) rotation. I love nothing more than to trick my kiddos into getting in some bonus healthy ingredients by mixing in ground flax and chia seeds. (aldi has a nice big affordable bag of the ground flax!).

  4. oh! I also mix a small bit of vanilla greek in with plain greek (or do plain greek with a hit of honey)- the kids don't even notice and it's much less sugar!

  5. Love this for a healthier dessert idea! We only have dessert on Sundays...but sometimes I feel like being a "fun" mom during the week. This would be a great idea for those nights when everyone is craving something sweet...but I don't want to get out the cookies!!

  6. What a clever idea! I love how creative you are.


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