Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 Highlights

2018 was far from perfect.  There were plenty of hard moments, tears shed, work stresses and unknowns, but overall, I am really thankful for another year.  I'm going to continue my blog schedule of taking most Thursdays off this year.  I just wanted to hurry and get this post in before January got away from me.

Have you done the top nine generator for your instagram moments of 2018?

I was really curious to see what my most popular pictures of the year would be.  Some people disagreed with their highlights and others completely agreed.  I fell in the latter group.  I LOVED my highlights and felt like they were really accurate for my family this year.

1 - Thankful to get to spend my days at home with the kids.  I really never thought I'd be a stay at home mom.  Then, my kids came along and I couldn't imagine doing anything other than staying home with these during these little years.  Fletcher and I have enjoyed having more alone time than ever now that Olive is in school full time.  We're hitting our stride together.

2 - Cooper.  He was definitely an exciting moment in our year.

3 - Goodbye 50lbs.  I am still really proud of this healthy milestone.  I've got my sights set on new healthy goals for 2019.

4 - Walmart puffer jacket!  I love that pink coat and all the other fun deals I've found this year at Aldi, Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Dollar Tree and Amazon.

5 - Kevin and I worked hard on our marriage this year so it makes me happy to see us at the center of my collage.  We had more date nights than ever, worked through some tough things and are better for it.  We're quickly approaching our 15th wedding anniversary this Summer.

6 - Holiday food.  I love making festive food!

7 - We got a Mini Van!!  I never knew how much I could love a Honda Odyssey.  It's perfection.  And now I'm pretty sure that I've hit full blown mom status.  I don't care who knows - I love it!

8 - Olive started kindergarten and we couldn't be more proud.  She's independent, confident, curious, smart and she loves school so much.  It's amazing to see all of the new things she's learning.

9 - Cute outfits - I've really gotten excited about putting together cute outfits for myself again.  I loved getting dressed up for work when I was teaching, but then I kind of lost that when I started staying home full time.  Now I'm back and it feels great.

A few other blog, real life and family memorable moments from 2018...

Fletcher landed himself in the ER with a pretzel up his nose.

We enjoyed a Disney brunch with all of our favorite characters

The whole family got to head up to Notre Dame for St Patrick's Day

Fireman Fletcher turned TWO

I broke and dislocated my pinky toe.  Still cringe about that one.  Praying we all stay out of the ER this year.

Olive had a Magical Unicorn Party to celebrate her 5th birthday

We spent countless hours and resources working in our yard this year.  I'm happy to report that things are looking pretty lovely around Polka-Dotty Gardens.

The Sunflower Maze never disappoints.

The Blue Angels came to town.

We headed to the ocean a couple of times - Ft Walton Beach & Naples

We loved apple picking so much that we went three different times.

Halloween was super this year with these cute Super Heroes

Our backyard was the prettiest it's ever been this Fall

I discovered leather earrings and LOVE them so much

After three years of prayers, we FINALLY FOUND A CHURCH HOME and it's been a blessing to our whole family.  We are plugged into small groups, the kids love their classes and we've been going to church every Sunday since July.  This is definitely a big highlight of our year.

We had a lot of fun decorating the house for Christmas

What was the best thing that happened to you in 2018??


  1. I loved seeing your highlights! You guys do so many fun things :) 2018 was a hard year for us, but I’d say the best thing was Jon getting a new job. That brought relief in so many areas. ;)

  2. This has been such a great year for you guys!! It's fun to see all that has happened!

  3. Wow, what a year...Thanks for sharing it with us..It sure has been an active year loaded with many memories..

  4. Oh I love this idea with using your top nine! I might have to do the same!

  5. what an amazing post Whitney!! I know it's been a year of many changes and challenges...but wow. Look at the JOY that is evident in every single one of your pictures!!! Your family is amazing!!

  6. Love it! Y'all had such a great 2018 filled with memories!


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