Friday, January 25, 2019

January Highlights

It's hard to believe that we're already wrapping up January!  It's been a good month with lots of highlights.  My house is decorated for Valentine's Day so bring on February.

We are still loving having Charcuterie Boards for dinner.  I pile on all the meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and veggies.  My whole family LOVES this meal.  It's such easy clean up and prep.  We've been doing them about once a week.

Breakfast bowls for lunch.  I roast the sweet potatoes, onions and peppers in advance.  Cook the eggs.  Add everything into the skillet to warm it up and top with a tiny big of cheese and avocado.  So good and so filling.

Olive started tennis last week!  She LOVED it and looked so cute out there on the court.  We picked up a tennis racket for her this week and she's been practicing a lot.

We had two snowy weekends in a row.  We only got a couple of inches this last time.  It was still fun, but it was too cold to stay outside for very long.

Snowy inspired lunch :)

I had a moment where I caught a glimpse of life with big kids this week.  Olive snuck into the kitchen to set the dinner table for us.  She took care of everything - plates, silverware and napkins with a centerpiece.  She was so proud of herself.  It's fun to see her get older and be so excited to help.

Fletcher and I are back in the routine of going to his science class a couple times a month.  We learned all about shadows and then grabbed some grilled cheese for lunch.

Grandma Olive celebrated her 100th day of school.  She LOVED coming up with her grandma outfit.  She insisted on all the accessories, all the pink, the cane and we loaded her hair up with dry shmapoo to turn it gray.  She looked so cute.  Her teacher called her the cutest grandma she'd ever seen :)

We had to run a quick errand to the local police department.  Fletcher begged to stroll through the parking lot to admire their vehicles.  He was so excited!

We got a Keurig for Christmas and are loving it.  It has a frother so it's been really fun to learn how to make lattes at home.  I'm basically a pro now :)

Our children's museum recently added in a ropes course.  You have to be fairly tall and brave to do it.  We headed there one afternoon when Kevin was off for break.  He and Olive made a great team.  They were both extra brave.  Fletcher was so sad to have to sit on the sidelines.  It was really fun (and slightly scary) to watch :)

I go to the museum with kids all the time so it feels extra special when Kevin tags along.

Olive loves pushing Fletcher on the swings.

These two coordinating for church.

A friend sent us home with a couple of bags of boy things her son had outgrown.  Fletcher thought this dinosaur costume was SO COOL.  

We headed to a local arcade for some half off fun :)

We took a super quick road trip to meet up with my mom in the middle of the week.  Fletcher was thrilled to have a quick meal with Mimi.

 We introduced the kids to hibachi.  They LOVED it!

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  1. What a great month! The ropes course looks like lots of (scary) fun, and Kevin was a real sport to go with her. I remember Michael doing that with the kids when they were little! I love your food pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a fun recap of what was clearly a marvelous and memorable month for you and your loves! Your dinner charcuterie boards look so yummy! That was incredibly sweet of Olive to surprise you with a dinner table prepared with care. :) While a bit on the scary side for me, I'm sure that ropes course was thrilling fun for them! Wishing you and yours a beautiful finale to January! xo - Brenda //

  3. What fun adventures! That ropes course looks amazing!

  4. You guys had a fun month! I love Olive and her little tennis racket! So cute. Grandma Olive is adorable; Peyton had her 100th day as well and I think my sister used dry shampoo as well. :) Have a great weekend.

  5. Can I just be your third kid?? I promise I will clean up after myself and follow all the rules. HA! Ya'll have had a great month and I just love how intentional you are with everything you do friend!

  6. That Charcuterie Board looks amazing!!!


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