Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Walmart Wardrobe

I know it seems odd to find stylish outfits at Walmart, but I promise that it's very possible.

The Time and Tru brand is AMAZING. 

The prices are under $20 from everything from sweaters, to tops, to jackets.  There are so many affordable, fashionable items.  I think the sizes are true to size and I've seen everything from XS to XXL.  A little something for everyone.  I'd highly recommend trying on the tops before buying them.  I've been surprised (both good and bad) when I try on items. 

I love to buy tops from Walmart.  Almost all of them have been the Time and Tru brand lately.  I usually spend more on my denim and then try to find more affordable top options.  The quality is pretty good.  The Time and Tru tops that I own have all washed and worn well.

I'm excited to talk to you about this Time and Tru Women's Woven Popover today.  It comes in at least 6 different colors and patterns.  It's so pretty on - even prettier than I was expecting!

Here's the link in case you can't find it in store Walmart Woven Popover

Fletcher took one look at these shirts and said, "Mom, dees shirts are BEAUTIFUL!!"  Kid knows my style!  Here are a few of the options.  There were florals, gingham and several solid colors.  SO many pretty options for spring for just $11.86.

Let's have a little Wal-Mart dressing room try on sesh:
(Let's not talk about all the times that Fletcher opened the dressing room door while I was trying on all these cute things...)

I LOVED this floral.  It's even prettier in person.  Head over to my instagram (@polkadottyplace) to see a close up of the fabric.  I also loved the length of these sleeves.  I get annoyed with long sleeves that are bell sleeves, but 3/4 bell sleeves seem so fun!  I am wearing my normal size.  The material is not very stretchy.

The sleeves really calm down and lay flat when you arms are down.  Won't this be so cute for Spring!?!

I also loved this bright floral.  I came home with both of theses.  I was tempted to buy the gingham, too.  However, it was too similar to a shirt I already own.  I'm trying really hard to just add a couple pieces to my wardrobe every season that I LOVE.  And I loved both of these tops.  Fletcher gave them both two thumbs up.

I also saw this Time and Tru jean jacket for $18.  It was so soft!  I liked the color, the price and the jean material, but I didn't 100% love it on me.  It's a great deal if you love the fit on you.

I spotted these gorgeous No Boundaries dress/robe combos.  I LOVED the colors and the patterns, but the style wasn't really for me.  I originally thought they were robes/night gowns, but they were in the regular clothes sections.  I'm still thinking they're more appropriate for bedtime than daytime, but check them out if you're interested.  Maybe even good swim suit cover ups??

Have you found anything cute at Walmart lately??

My friend Justine recently posted about all of the great fashion finds that she spotted at Wal-Mart.  I was really hoping to find that rainbow hello sweater, but no such luck in my stores. 
 Justine's Weekly Wal-Mart Finds


  1. I have a Walmart shopping post coming soon. They have really cute things for spring! I love the bell-sleeve top.

  2. I haven't been to Wal-Mart lately, but I love the Time & Tru brand. I can't wait until this summer/fall when I can browse in normal sizes again. :)

  3. Whitney!! I just KNEW you would love that top!!!! I seriously IMMEDIATELY thought of you when I saw it! So excited you picked a couple up for yourself!! And I LOVE that denim jacket! I don't need one- but wow- for $18- what a steal! And such a GREAT closet staple!!

  4. You are adorable!!! I will be going to Walmart today!

  5. Such a cute top! I love that brand!

  6. Okay, sounds like I need to head to Walmart. That top is adorable and I really love that turquoise color!

  7. I love that top too! Is it turquoise or more aqua?

  8. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the jean jacket! I may be stopping by Walmart!

  9. Such cute pieces! I need to get to WalMart soon!

  10. I found the cutest rainbow sweater at Wal-Mart the other day and LOVE it!!! I've always had good luck there!

  11. I bought the cutest Christmas sweaters there - and to be honest haven't been in the clothing section since. I think I need to take a run through!

  12. SO cute!! Walmart has really stepped up their game!!! 🙌🏼

  13. Looks so cute on you! I found quite a few cute items in my store the other day.

  14. You find the cutest stuff! I always forget to look through the clothing sections when I go to Walmart.


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