Friday, January 11, 2019

Everyone Should Use A Planner

Do you use a planner?

Paper?  Planner app on your phone?  Wall calendar?  Desk calendar?

It doesn't matter me to what kind of planner you use.  I think that every single person could benefit from having a place to write things down.

I am a paper planner person.

I've used the same type of planner for 15 YEARS!!  Here' the proof.  This stack makes me so happy.  It's a fun collection of a whole lot of lists, memories, milestones and blessings.

A good friend gave me my first one and then Kevin has continued the tradition every year.  It really is the best present.  I say it's my favorite Christmas gift every year.  They're anywhere from $16-32 and you can find them at bookstores.  I used to find them at TJ Maxx, but that hasn't been the case the past couple of years.  Some years Kevin surprises me with the cover color and some years I pick it out.

It's a Gallery Leather planner.  I love the 8.5 x 5.5 size.  They also make a larger one that's 9x7.  Here are some options on Amazon right now.  I love the rose gold option.

I can't imagine life without a planner.  I write EVERYTHING down in it.
-daily to do lists
-gift lists for birthday lists
-Christmas gift lists (I can refer back to them easily)
-long term to do lists
-Bible verses
-Weekly goals
-workout trackers
-weight loss trackers
-kid milestones
-school schedule
-Kevin's schedule
-football games
-medicine reminders
 See what I mean... everything goes in my planner!

This should come as no surprise... My new year's challenge to you is to start using a planner if you don't already and see how it can be a blessing to your family!  Kevin and I sit down every Sunday to do a "Schedule Sync".  We fill each other in on our plans for the coming week and make plans to help everything run smoothly.  I look forward to this more than Kevin, but it really works well for us.

I've started adding Kevin's schedule to my phone each week so that I can keep his schedule straight.  I don't love entering everything into my calendar app.  I make myself do it so that I know his schedule on the go.  Every day is different and knowing his schedule helps me to take care of him.  I like to make his lunches, stop by his office and say hello, we try to do lunch together a couple times a semester and it's just nice knowing the best times to call and say hello.

Behind the scenes:
Every photo shoot involves keeping kids and cats out of my pictures :)

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend :)

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  1. I love that you have all those memories captured through years of planners!

  2. That is so cool!! What a beautiful stack! I love how you live so intentionally, Whitney!

  3. Love that you've been using the same planner for so long! I think I've been using planners regularly since 2001!

  4. That is just amazing that you have been so consistent with your planner and its style! I use google calendar, and even when I buy a paper planner I just don't use it. Wish I did!

  5. That little fellow is so cute in the pics, why keep him out? I make lists, use notebooks etc but have never gotten into a planner.

  6. I love using a paper planner; I just wish I wrote in it more! I used the Passion Planner last year, but found it too much for me. This year I went with something more simpler. It's called Day Designer and I found it at Target. It has the monthly calendar, plus the days as well. It has them listed by hour which is what I like.

  7. I love paper planners, but I can never keep up with them. I'm trying a new one for blogging that I'm hoping I will be able to stick with.


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