Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Valentine's Day Haul

I'm sure you've noticed that the stores are fully stocked for Valentine's Day and maybe Easter by now.  It's crazy how early holiday decorations show up in stores.  It seems like you've got to scoop them up early or the selection is pretty slim once the actual holiday nears.

I have already picked up several cute things for Valentine's Day so I thought I'd give you a little run down from my recent TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, Aldi and Target trips.

My store only had out a few Valentine's Day things.  They were so sweet that I scooped them up.  I'm surprising my kids with this sweet Valentine unicorn and mouse for their bedrooms.  Then I picked up this super sweet mouse couple for myself.  They were all just $9.99 each!  I was so impressed with the quality and the size.  Each animal is about 18 inches tall and really detailed.

My Aldi has these $2.99 hyacinth bulb vases in pink, blue and white.  They're so pretty!  I picked up several to give away and a couple for home.  My elderly neighbors rarely leave their house so I was thinking it would be fun to have a plant that grows quickly for them to enjoy.  Kevin has one in his office and we have two at home.  They smell amazing.  I'm excited to reuse the vases, too.

My store had tons of cute Valentine's Day bags, lot of cute trinkets for favor bags and stickers.

Aren't these all so cute!?!

I also stocked up on some favorite items while I was at Dollar Tree.  I love these tin pans for taking dinner to friends.  They aren't super heavy duty, but they do the job just fine.  2 pk for $1.

The thank you notes at Dollar Tree are so cute.  They come in an 8 pack for just $1.  I also got Kevin's valentine while I was there.  It was just a dollar.  He's such a deal hunter that I know he'll love his valentine even more knowing that it was only $1.  They had TONS of cute valentines.

Remember my fairy garden post from last year??  My kids had the best time with their fairies and gnomes in our backyard.  I picked up a couple more homes, mushrooms and my mom found the leaf slides and rocker for me at her Dollar Tree.  It's all SO CUTE.  I think I'm going add these to my kid's Easter baskets this year.

Dollar Tree has metal Matchbox cars that are so cute.  We stocked up on several different ones and a car calendar to use for potty training prizes for Fletcher.  He was so excited about all of this.

I picked up several cute things in the Dollar Bins for Olive's class Valentine's Day party.  They had these packs of word searches, color by words and animal bingo.  I also let her pick out a cute set of unicorn valentines + erasers to give to her class mates.

 I've been avoiding buying any Valentine's Day candy because I love it so much.  I wouldn't be able to stay out of it.  Have you picked anything up for Valentine's Day yet??


  1. I picked up some Valentine's decor from TJ Maxx. I saw the little animals there, and they are so cute! I'm the same way with Valentine's candy...keep it away til the 14th!!

  2. Not yet! I love all your finds though. January is a spending freeze month for us, although I’m afraid a lot of the good stuff will be going by February 1st 😆 As always, I love those fairy houses!

  3. Not a thing! HA! Thanks for sharing yours - I guess a trip to the stores is in order soon for me!

  4. Your Dollar Spot had some really cute Valentine goodies! I haven't seen any of that at our stores!

  5. Love all of the goodies you have picked up! I have already gotten my kiddos valentines from the target Dollarspot and I got them new little mailboxes for their daily love notes that I write them in February! The only other “valentines” item I’m on the lookout for are a couple heart throw pillows for my couch. I’m thinking hobby lobby or TJ Maxx would be the place to find them!

  6. I can't wait to pull out my Valentine's decor this weekend!! So much fun!

  7. Love it! I got two cute little Valentine's birds last weekend at Target and I had decorated when I was home sick the other week. I love decorating for all the different holidays!

  8. I got our kids' Valentines from the Target Dollar Spot, too! So handy!

  9. I was looking for some Valentine's candy in January to make a recipe for the blog and was honestly surprised how little of it was out. Same thing for goes for Joann Fabrics. I went there Wednesday and didn't see too much Valentine's Day stuff.


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