Friday, January 18, 2019

3 Goals

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a great week.  It's been snowy, rainy, we've all had colds, Kevin was out of town for a couple of days and I'm so glad he's back.  I'm not cut out for parenting solo.  We've gotten back into most of our routines this week.  The weatherman is calling for us to get more snow this weekend!  Bring it on for our three day weekend :)

We sat down as a family to come up with some goals for the new year.  I thought I'd share three goals for each of us with you today.

1. Read more
I've got a devotion, readings for Bible study/church, magazines and reading for fun.  I'm about to wrap up my first book of the year plus tons of kids books.  How do you read your books?  Do you have an app? a kindle? paper books?  Do you buy books?  borrow books?  borrow digital books??  I'm clueless.  Help a girl out so that I can read more this year!

2. Stock the fridge with healthy foods, meal prep and meal plan
If you follow me on Instagram @polkadottyplace, you've seen all the great produce I've found at Aldi lately.  My goal this year is to serve my family the best I can by buying, prepping and having lots of healthy foods to eat.

3. More consistent wake time and bed time.
I've been getting better at waking up at 6:45 every morning before the kids get up, but it's still requires efforts and alarms.  You guys know I struggle with going to bed anytime before 12:30 most nights.  This old night owl is trying to change her ways haha.  Maybe I'll try setting a bed time alarm?

My word of the year for 2019 is LISTEN so I'm also working on that.

1. Be more efficient at work during the week so I don't have to work weekends.
2. Finish reading War & Peace and read chapter books with Olive every night
3.Get used to using a standing desk at work

1. Learn how to read more words.
2. Try out tennis (she starts tennis today!), more swimming lessons and lots of games!
3. Ride a bike without training wheels

1. Potty training (we are well on our way because he decided it was time! :)
2. Swap out that baby bed for a big boy bed
3. Eat as much chocolate as possible :)  He's a foodie with a sweet tooth.

What are you working on this year??

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  1. I read on my Kindle. I read at night before I go to bed so I needed a dim light so I wouldn’t bother Ben.
    Love all your goals. I’m with Fletcher... eat all the chocolate

  2. Great goals! My advice is go to your library because it’s also great for kids. When I see a book I want I get on my library app and request it. It saves me $500-1000 a year because I read so much.

  3. Happy Friday, Whitney! So sorry to hear it was a bit of a rough week for you. Glad your hubby has returned and I hope you all feel fully well soon! Love your goals, and I must say, Fletcher's final goal may be the "sweetest" goal I've ever heard! :) My focus this year is living with intention. I've been spending much more time reading as well and my days are so much richer for it! I savor my time in God's Word and my favorite devotional "Drawing Near" by John MacArthur. Wishing you all the best with your goals! Enjoy every bit of your snowy and sweet long weekend with your loves! xo - Brenda //

  4. These goals are so good! I like how you put them together as a family, with everyone's insight. I read from a mix of sources. Lately, my favorite is listening to audiobooks using the Libby app to get library books. I also check out traditional books from the library. I mainly use my Kindle (with digital library books) when we travel. I almost never buy a book and love using the library! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I am with Fletcher and his sweet tooth and so are my kids. I love all of your goals, such great things. Reading more is on my list too and going to bed on time mostly because of the other goal ;)!

  6. Reading more is one of my goals too!!
    Love your goals and Your word of the year too💗
    Hope you have a happy, happy weekend with your hubby back at home!!!

  7. I really want to read more, too! I try to do it before bed!

  8. I don't think I'll ever get a kindle to read. I love holding books! I need to read more this year, meal plan each week, use my planner, save money. I am supposed to be getting a stand up desk for work soon. I have heard good things about them. I am all for eating more chocolate too Fletch! :)


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