Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Home Tour 2018

Happy Monday!  Our house is finally all decorated for Christmas and I'm ready to share it with you.  My MIL came for a visit last week so I snapped so pictures while I had everything tidied up :)   Rest assured there are still plenty of things out of place, but our home is well loved and well lived in.

The main things that I bought new this year were bottle brush trees.  I just love them!  I also went through every Christmas decoration we own and donated two big boxes of them.  I weeded out broken things, decorations we no longer loved or needed and it felt so good to declutter.  We just decorated with our favorite things.

Welcome to our house at Christmas time!  Come on in :)

Our family room.

I loved mixing my house plants with my Christmas decor this year.

We've been collecting Irish nutcrackers/Santas for a while.

Our real tree looks and smells so good!

This is the super kid friendly section.  I let the kids decorate and rearrange it all month long.  Most things aren't breakable and their holiday books go here.  They play with this stuff every day.

Fletcher.  The destroyer of Christmas decorations.

Festive Kitchen:

Fletcher's Christmas Decorations.
Both kids have everything from baby ornaments to their current favorite things on their trees.

Olive's Christmas Decorations.

Kid's Bathroom decked out for Christmas.

A fun hope-to-do list for the month of December.  We came up with it together as a family and are having a great time crossing things off the list.

The cats of the house say hello.  They don't get much blog air time anymore, but Topher, Oliver & Scrappy say hi.  Topher is 9.  Oliver is 10.  Scrappy came with our house.  He is an outdoor cat that calls our deck home.  He loves for us to feed him, but he is not interested in us getting close.

Now it's time to link up with my blog friends for a Holiday Home Tour!

I can't wait to see how everyone decorated this year.

This year's Holiday Home Tour hosts include Crystal, Leslie, Becky, Penny, Stephanie, Shelly, Whitney, and Keri. I would love for you to visit the homes of these ladies, they have such beautiful spaces and I love the holiday touches they have throughout their homes.


  1. I love it! Your home is so cozy and festive, as always! I think my favorite is your collection of green trees on the mantle - I love seeing how you use those in different places each year. The garland on the bathroom mirror is such a fun touch, too. But of course I love that you included Scrappy in your photos! He looks like he's faring very well under your care. :)

  2. Everything looks so pretty! I love how warm and cozy homes look during the's so blah when everything comes down!

  3. Love all the fun trees on your mantle! Everything looks so festive and bright! :)

  4. Love how you used greens at the bottom of the fireplace - such a great idea!

  5. Awww, Scrappy!!!! Whitney, your house looks so beautiful! I love how you make each corner special and the things you decorate with have meaning to all of you. Those Nutcrackers are gorgeous!

  6. So so cute! I love the garland in the bathroom on the mirror!

  7. Your home is so PERFECTLY FESTIVE. And wonderfully cozy and colorful. I just love all the special touches you have throughout your house!! And that front DOOR. Always my FAVORITE!!

  8. I didn't know you had cats! They're so cute.
    Your decor is pretty and festive, especially the mantle.

  9. I absolutely adore your mantle! I wish I had one, I would want it to look exactly like yours! I love the bright reds and greens and whites that you use. Your house looks so pretty!


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