Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating St Patrick's Day

We love the month of March and doing all kinds of fun things to celebrate.  We are in the process of making St. Patrick's Day cards to send out, doing some rainbow art projects and eating colorful things.  I thought I'd share some of our favorite projects with you so that you would have some fun ideas of things to do with your family.

St. Patrick's Day CARDS:

Rainbows of Love:  I had Olive watercolor paint all of the colors of the rainbow.  Then I cut out rainbow shapes from her art work.  I added a cute phrase and a picture to complete the cards.  The instructions are here.

Stamping: I gave Olive a stamp pad and let her stamp clovers in any design she wanted.  She loved it and it was so easy :)  The instructions are here.

St. Patrick's Day ART:

Hand and foot print CLOVERS:
I adore art projects that involve tiny hand and foot prints.  They are some of my favorite holiday decorations to get out every year.  You can find all of the instructions here.

Over sized pictures are perfect to turn into leprechauns:

These next few projects were from my days of teaching third grade.  I was responsible for doing most of the art with my kids and I LOVED it.  You can find all the instructions here.

St. Patrick's Day PETS:
Before I had kids I included my cats in the holiday fun.  Well it was fun for me :)

St. Patrick's Day GIFTS:
These giant suckers are so fun and are perfect for the holidays.

Are you working on any fun St. Patrick's Day projects??


  1. That cat picture, baha ha ha ha! My girls are really curious about what the day is so I really need to pull something together for them.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe your cat let you do that. Our kitty, Rudy, would have lost it on me.

  3. So cute!! Our first pug use to let me put crazy stuff on him for the holidays!! It was precious!!
    Ian thinks he is to cool for art work now, but Ella could craft all day!!

  4. These are all so adorable! I am excited we'll be home for the day this year! I need to plan something!

  5. Now that the girls are in school...I don't do very many planned crafts with them- I leave that to their teachers😜We do always have a green breakfast...last couple of years it's been green Brinner and they LOVE it! 🍀

  6. You're so fun! I find myself skipping holidays more and more these days as the attic is overruled with boxes of baby clothes/gear and this mama just can't get it together enough to get stuff out! ha Love the craftiness!

  7. That cat picture is too cute and it gave me a little chuckle. I love the rainbow suckers. Do you remember where you found them? I'll have to wait until next year to do that but I think oversized suckers are a great idea. I have Jack's shamrock hands hung up. Since he is in school he does so many art projects that I've been giving him a break from them at home.


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