Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Inexpensive Experiences for Kids

I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive or FREE activities to do with our kids in the community.  I have come across several options lately that I wanted to share with you.

We load up our stroller with a snack and water for everyone.  We try to walk for at least an hour.  It's great exercise for me and the fresh air is good for all of us.  We walk all over our neighborhood and a few other paths in our area.

 I've mentioned before, but the library is so much fun for kids.  Our library offers story times, music classes, games, hands on learning and so many fun book options.  We all enjoy going and we have been checking out books regularly.  This is also a fun activity for a variety of ages.  Both of my kids really enjoy the programs the library offers and it's all FREE.  Our librarians are excellent at introducing the kids to new materials.  We went to a construction themed story time and the KIDS loved playing with FLOAM.  It was great for the bigger kids and not so great for babies because they wanted to eat it.  Olive has been asking to go and play with it again.

It's so fun to teach Olive new things about the library as she gets older.
Pushing the correct elevator buttons on her own
Returning our book each week
Helping me scan the books
Selecting books for herself
And learning from new librarians each week

Look for a local bounce house and see if they offer discounted day time prices.  We have a great option for discounted admission when we get a group of kids to go to ours.  It costs $3/child for several hours of fun.

Our local Bricks 4 Kids offers Mommy & Me classes during the day, day camps, evening events, weekend activities, birthdays and more.  We like the $6 admission for tons of fun.

So we invested in a pass for our family last month and now the majority of the events at the museum are free.  We go to their science classes, just go and play and are looking forward to going to their special programs throughout the coming year.  I love that there are fun things for both kids to do.  

There are tons of fun parks in our city and I'm planning to visit as many as possible with the kids.  We definitely have a growing list of favorites and just a few parks we wouldn't go back to.

We are looking forward to some fun FREE Earth Day activities, swimming lessons, an air show, science classes and more this Spring!

What are some inexpensive experiences you do with your kids for fun??


  1. Love all of your ideas. I am all about finding activities to do with that kids that don't cost a lot of money. I want to find a bricks class here.

  2. YES to all of these! We are very fortunate to have a new FREEvindoor playground at a local church just down the road from us! It has been amazing to be able to go there when the weather has been so yucky lately! Hope you have a great day friend!

  3. Great ideas!!! We did lots of these activities when my kiddos were younger!
    We also went to the free movies during the summer when they got a little older than yours.

  4. Good ideas, Whitney! Also fun are trips to the Pet store. Fun to look at the birds, fish, hamsters, etc. :-)

  5. I used to love the library as a kid, and I can't wait to bring my little girl there!

  6. We have a family pass to our local zoo, so that always makes for a great outing. The city also has splash pads which are completely free!

  7. We go to the library once a week and it's not even story time. We just go and explore and read books and Connor has learned how to use their computers for games. We are huge fan of the place.

  8. Annnnnnd this is the downside of rural living : ( Jealous of all your fabulous local entertainment options! We have very little until boat/beach/pool season! We do have a lovely library with a fantastic kid's section/play area, and we're getting a SWEET new town park that should be open by summer with a splash pad. Woop woop!

  9. Love these ideas Whitney! Cheap/free activities are the best way to go!

  10. I wish we had some of those cool things in our area! They look like so much fun!


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