Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

New month, new goals.  It just makes sense.  I get excited to start fresh lists, turn over new calendar pages and have a clean start.  It doesn't hurt that the weather has been beautiful.  I'm feeling extra motivated to get stuff done.

My March Goals:

1. Hang Pictures.
We're making progress on hanging up decorations slowly, but surely.  I still have a stack of things to hang so I'm hoping to do a few things each week.

2. Wedding Ring.
I'm anxious to start wearing my wedding rings again.  Remember it had to be cut off thanks to pregnancy hand swelling??  It needs to be repaired and am excited to have it back.

3. Turn in Preschool Paperwork.
Finish collecting forms, filling out forms and get them turned in.

4. Make some phone calls.
I have a LONG list of calls I need to make.  Calls to friends, calls to businesses, etc.  I am hoping to get a few taken care of each week during nap time because Lord knows it's impossible to make a phone call during the day with both kids awake.  The kids will be playing so nice and then I'll make a phone call.  They turn into loud needy kid monsters as soon as I say hello.  Just as my sister if you're doubting me.

5. Reorganize my craft closet.
Our house has great closets and storage options.  However, things just got stuffed into closets and need some attention now.  All of my supplies are jumbled together and it's hard to find things.

6. Collect clothes to consign.
I'm in the process of going through my closet, accessories and the kid's stuff to start selling it.  If we're not wearing it and I don't have a sentimental attachment to it - it's got to go!  I'm hoping to clear out some space and add some money to our bank account.

7. Plan Fletcher's First Birthday festivities for the end of the month.
We'll have gathering with both sides of our families and then do some fun things with just our little family.  I'm collecting all the dinosaur things :)

8. One Hour Walks.
Go on one hour walks with the kids as many days as possible this month.  I like to go in the afternoon so my game plan is to walk on the days we are home and it isn't raining.  The kids both enjoys walks so it's easy to get them out and about.

9. Buy a New Swimsuit.
It's been a few years since I've gotten a new suit.  Psych myself up to go and try on new swimsuit options one weekend when Kevin can stay home with the kids.  My current two suits are both printed so I'm hoping to find a fabulous solid one.  Pray for me... haha

10. Care.
My word of 2017 is care so I'd like to work hard to invite friends over, make plans with new friends, invite people over for dinners at our house and take advantage of opportunities to care for the people I love.

What are you working on accomplishing this month?


  1. Great goals!! I am selling in a consignment sale here later this month and it is feeling so good to go through things. Course everything is piled in my closet at the moment, so I'm ready to get it out of there. Ha ha!

  2. Omg yes... I too need to hang things! My list is so long and I feel like I keep adding to it! And our house is the same... good closets but that can lead to just throwing things in and closing the door.

  3. Love your goals this month Whitney. Looks like you are in the mood and ready for all things Spring with lots of cleaning and purging going on. I bet you are so excited to get your ring fixed. I had forgotten all about that!

  4. Love your goals! You'll have to tell us where you find a swim suit. And yay for getting your ring fixed! I can't believe little Fletcher is turning one. The year went so fast!

  5. Great Goals! Im the same way. I love new months and new goals! Good Luck!

  6. Great great goals! I'm with ya on the phone calls. I just snoozed some phone calls on my reminder list for tomorrow because... I'm reading blogs instead haha!

  7. I have been reading your blog since you were expecting Olive, and it blows my mind that she is almost ready for preschool.

  8. Always enjoy reading your goals! Time to set some of my own :)

  9. I always like to read your goals. I really need to set some goals for myself. I really want to do walks with the kids when the weather is nicer and not just because we have to do chores.

    Good luck on finding a swimsuit, I have been trying to find one, but it is hard to find one I like.

  10. Your phone call struggles make me smile - I have the same problem. Sort of. When I'm on the phone, Thelma Lou meows SO loudly and will not stop until I hang up. It's so embarrassing - it probably sounds like I live with 10 cats instead of just one super spoiled one. LOL.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort


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