Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top 5 Spots in Our House

We have officially owned our home for ONE YEAR.  We bought it on St. Patrick's Day in 2016 and it's been so wonderful to be here.  We love most things about our house and have big plans for things we'd like to do over the course of YEARS.

The best things we did before we moved into our house were: getting TONS of work done on it before we moved in,  painting almost every wall a lovely neutral gray (Thanks, Dad!), installing new carpet throughout and restoring the original hardwood floors (Thanks, Kev!!).  I wanted to share our 5 favorite spots in our house along with our home goals for 2017.


1. Our family room with big windows.  
The windows are HUGE and the kids/cats love sitting there watching the world go by.  They also use the window ledges for all of their toys.


2. Our play room. 
I just knew this room would be perfect for toys, books and KIDS.  The window seat is the perfect spot for Olive to put her toys where little brother can't reach them and the cats love laying the sunshine here, too.  There's a wall of built ins and then plenty of room for a play kitchen, art easel, sofa and lots of toys.  We spend tons of time in this room every day.

3. Our kitchen.
We love having a large island and these bright yellow bar stools make me so happy.  We use this spot all day long.  We do art projects here, we craft here, we bake here and I fold laundry here.  I have always wanted a kitchen with an island.

4. Our backyard.
We love having an outdoor space to play and enjoy.  I'm hoping we will eat lots of meals outside when the weather warms up.  We've slowly been accumulating outdoor toys so the kids have lots of things to do to keep them busy.

5. Our closets!
This house has the best closets!!  When we first saw the house I couldn't believe the storage space and it turns out that it's still one of my favorite things.  Each bedroom has a walk in closet.  There are two closets and a pantry in the kitchen.  The laundry room has great storage and I am so thankful for it!  It helps cut down on the clutter that is out and my dad worked hard to rebuild the shelving so we could maximize storage.  All bedroom closets now have sturdy wooden shelves and the overhaul is impressive.  And our front door gets an honorable mention because I love the pretty blue door!

Home Goals for 2017;
1. We'd love to add shutters and flower boxes to the front of the house
2. Add landscaping to the front of the house.
3. Level out some spots in the yard / Yard work / Clean up
4. Get a playset for the backyard
5. Clean out and organize the garage
6. Finish hanging all the pictures in the house - 
Olive's room, master bedroom, half bath, playroom, etc.
7. Window treatments in the kitchen and play room
8. Reorganize all closets
9. Repair some areas of our deck
10.  Power wash our house in certain spots 

What are you favorite spots in your home?
Do you have any home projects in the works for 2017?

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  1. I LOVE that big window in your living room!! And your turquoise door makes me SO happy every time I see a picture of it! I know you have so much fun baking and creating around your kitchen island...it really seems like every space of your house is perfect for your family!! It has to feel SO good to be settled!! :) Have a great day friend!

  2. The windows in your living room are a favorite of mine, too!! The yellow in the kitchen adds such a pop of fun, and same with your front door!

  3. I love every room. I would love to have a window seat. Olive looks so happy sitting there. :) I always wanted an island. It was something on my list when we moved a year ago and it got it!!

  4. So fun to get a peek into the favorite parts of your home. We are going to put a corner window area similar to what you have (probably not quite as big) in the kitchen, dining room, formal living area of the new house and I am SO excited for all of the beautiful lighting it will give me :).

  5. Your home is amazing! What a labor of love! I love your deck and outdoor space. It looks so relazing.

  6. Love your huge windows!! so awesome!! I so wish we had an island! my next house will have one for sure!

  7. Those windows are amazing!!! How awesome to have such a lovely room for all the toys also AND THOSE CLOSETS....DREAM! You can really do a lot with that kind of storage. I also love the outside with that amazing deck. Congrats to one year of home ownership!

  8. I love your kitchen island! It's on my dream house list!

  9. I absolutely love your window seat and those closets.. Oh my! It's awesome that your Dad can help you with projects and make parts of your house special for you and your family. :)

  10. I love the brightness of your rooms. What a great thing to wake up to every day. Natural light is such a good thing.

  11. I love the big windows and how bright everything is!

  12. Love these photos. Your family room is gorgeous!

  13. I LOVE what you've done in your home! It's so bright and welcoming. All my laundry gets folded at my big kitchen counter too - I can't imagine not having that space! Our house has teeny, tiny closets so I'm slightly jealous of your awesome ones! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort


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