Thursday, March 17, 2016

LUCKY to Have You

Wishing you a pot of GOLD
and all the JOY your heart can hold!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

We made St. Patrick's Day cards together a few weeks ago.
Olive LOVED her first time stamping and would have kept stamping for hours if I would've let her.  Olive stamped the outside of all the cards and I wrote the message inside.

We're wearing green, eating a rainbow of foods today and prepping for Spring.

We will be eating Lucky Charms for breakfast,
clover pasta for lunch and dinner will be:

Irish stew
homemade brown bread
rainbow jello
strawberry spinach salad
& St. Patrick's Day treats
for our Lucky to Have You dinner.

I got the idea from Andrea of Momfessionals and I think we'll keep it up every year!  I decorated place cards for everyone and we're going to fill out 4 nice things about the people in our family on our cards.

Follow all the fun over on instagram @ polkadottyplace or
I'll snap some pictures and include them in my Friday highlights post tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day and wear some green!!
Do you have any Irish plans for the day??


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! The cards you and your daughter made are so cute! I think it is great that she helps make the cards with you. Great fun and great memories! I would really like if you could post the recipes for the clover pasta, Irish stew, homemade brown bread and the spinach strawberry salad. Everything sounds so good!

  2. Ok, I'm coming over to your house for dinner!! I'll see you around 5pm??? :-) you are always so crafty and creative, I absolutely love it!!

  3. Such a cute card. We have absolutely nothing planned I really need to step up my St. Patty's Day game.


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