Friday, March 10, 2017

The Highlights

Happy Friday!!  I hope you all had a wonderful week.  We went on a quick road trip, got rained on, saw friends and enjoyed our week.  No big plans for the cold weekend that is in the forecast for Indiana.  The best parts of our week were:

// 1 //
The Groundhog was Wrong
Spring has sprung in the Midwest.  Many of the Easter flowers are blooming so I decided it was time to make my front door look like Spring.  I found this pretty wreath at Kohls a couple of years ago and love how it looks on the door.  What's on your front door for Spring?

// 2 //
BOGO Starbucks + Sweet Hubby
There was a special promotion going on at Starbucks and my husband showed up after work with his and hers caramel mocchiatos.  My usual drink is a caramel latte or a mocha frap so it was fun to try something new.  I'm not very adventurous in my drink orders.  They were delicious and I appreciate his thoughtfulness after we were both up late with a teething baby.

// 3 //
Thin Mint CEREAL
I have done a great job of resisting buying all the Girl Scout cookies this year, but this box of Thin Mints Cereal almost jumped into my cart at the grocery store.  I wasn't sure if it would be good or gross.  Turns out it's delicious and I want to hoard boxes of it since it is Limited Edition.  Have you tried any of the Girl Scout Cereals??  You definitely should!

// 4 //
Disney Brunch
Our country club had the cutest Disney Brunch this week.  They advertised that characters would be there and invited the kids to dress up.  We got out all of Olive's costumes and Sheriff Callie was the winner.  We had a great time and Olive was mesmerized by all of the characters.  She wasn't super excited to see them up close unless she was glued to me.  Fletcher was curious about the characters, but only really interacted with Cinderella.  It was tons of fun and way cheaper than going to Disney World haha


// 5 //
Family Fun
Fletcher turned 11 months old and I consider it quite the accomplishment that his sticker picture happened.  He ripped it off the chair, wrestled his puppy dog and kept lunging out of the chair.  I was sweating by the end of our photo shoot so I think it doubled as my workout session for the day.

Olive has been wanting a lot of say in her accessories lately.  She added this necklace, flower clip and furry vest to her outfit before we left the house.  Her 4th birthday is quickly approaching and it's so fun to see more and more of her personality come through.

 My dad started a new job this week so we took a quick road trip in the pouring rain to Southern Indiana to be there for his swearing in.  He's had several different police jobs over the last 40 years (State Policeman, Detective, he was elected Sheriff for two terms, Chief Deputy, Deputy and now a city police man) so it was fun to see him start something new.  He'll be working days super close to home so it's an exciting change. 
 It was also fun to have most of the family there.  Kevin had to work since it was a weekday.  We missed him, but had a good time with family.  We celebrated with chips and salsa and it was a fun overnight.

Polka-Dotty Place Week in Review:

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What was your FAVORITE part of the week??

I hope you have a really great weekend!!


  1. That meal with characters looks like so much fun! What a great idea and yes way cheaper than Disney World. Ha ha! You've got a good hubby for bringing you Starbucks. He's a keeper! Congrats to your dad!

  2. I love your wreath in the first photo--I love the purple! And so sweet for your husband to bring you a Starbucks as a surprise!! Happy Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I love your front door so much!!

  4. There's Girl Scout Cookie CEREAL????? Does that mean there's a Samoas one??

  5. Congrats to your dad! I'm wondering about the girl scout cereal, too. I will have to look for it! Happy Weekend!

  6. I've never thought to look at Kohl's for wreaths! I'm on the hunt for a spring one though, so maybe I should go take a look!

  7. That Disney brunch looks SO fun!! Perfect substitute for the real thing in my opinion!!😉Congrats to your dad!! That is so special you all were there to support him!! And that cereal looks DANGEROUS!! My daughter Charlotte would go bonkers for it- I might have to surprise her with a box of it! Have a great weekend friend!

  8. What a fun event at the club! Jack would have loved something like that. He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I would love some Samoas cereal. For me cereal is like dessert. I'm a Cocoa Pebbles kinda gal. I'm ready for a new week because this week wasn't the best.

  9. That cereal?!?! Like fore reals! The grown up in me knows it is oh so wrong but the kid in me wants to go stock up pronto. Love that Disney breakfast, my girls would have LOVED that. Hope y'all had a great weekend.

  10. Girl Scout Cookie Cereal?!?! YUM!!!

  11. I hope your dad enjoys his new job! Also, I'm going to need some of those cinnamon rolls now!!!


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