Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kids Say

Olive is always keeping us laughing or blushing.  She says the funniest things, repeats all kinds of stuff and she confuses new words as she's trying to integrate them into her vocabulary.  She's currently switching deleted and died and it's hilarious.

I'm excited to join the ladies of Kids Behind the Blog today to ask Olive some questions for March.

Olive (age 3.5)
I put her up on our bench for this picture.
She said, "Mom do you really think this seems safe?"

1. Where is the end of the rainbow?
Olive: A leprechaun and his gold.

2. What do you like to do when it rains?
Olive: I get out a brella to keep me dry.  Dragons come out.  I put on my rain boots and splash in puddles.

3. If you found a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow what would you do?
Olive: We make some cookies with his chocolate gold coins.

4. Tell me 3 ways you know it is Spring?
Olive: It's rainy.  Little flowers pop up out of the ground and it's sunny.

5. Do you wear have to wear green for St. Patrick's Day?  What happens if you don't?
Olive: Yeah.  You get rained on if you don't wear green.  

A few bonus #oholive moments recently:

Every story she tells starts with Once Upon a Time and ends with The End.

Callapitter = catapillar
Dust = just
Meerah = mirror

I gave her a cozy blanket and told her she could snuggle on the couch.  She looked at me very seriously and said, "But Mom, I can't snuggle without your love!"  So I sat and snuggled her.

She's big into building trophies lately.  She makes us trophies out of Duplos and presents them to us.  They are often found in our spots for dinner.  Kevin usually gets a trophy for all his hard work and I get trophies for working hard to make delicious dinners.
 She loves to go on walks and look for shapes in the clouds.

 Her silver sparkly shoes are her current favorites.  I think it has something to do with the fact that she can put them on herself.

The other day she told me, "I put everything I want for lunch on the counter.  Will you please put it on a plate for me?"  Fletcher was hoping for a bite. 

Riding the penny horse at Meijer is easily the highlight of her day. 

She's very into costumes and disguises these days.  Her she declared herself a baker, doctor, sheriff. 

She's always singing, dancing and putting on performances for me. 

She's picking out her own accessories. 

Bun Bun is still her very best friend.  She's sharing her favorite drink with her favorite bunny.  Always requests ice, straw and a jar to drink out of.

3.5 is such a fun age!!

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  1. Awww, I love her answers! I'd want to make cookies with a leprechaun's chocolate gold too. :)

  2. So cute! I love that it would rain on you if you don't wear green... and that dragons would then come out right!?!

  3. You get rained on, best answer to that question by far. Also I am really intrigued about these dragons she speaks of too!

  4. I love that dragons come out when it rains! Lololol!!!!

  5. She looks so cute in that dress in the first picture!
    I absolutely love her answer about the rain and the dragons coming out!

  6. So, so cute! I have a notepad file with L's stuff on my phone but I'm still TERRIBLE at catching al the cute things I want to remember. It's awesome that you do this so well! And the line about not being able to snuggle without your love- alllll the heart eyes!

  7. What's the dragon in which she speaks of?

  8. Such a cutie..She never fails to entertain me....

  9. Olive is always so funny. I bet she really does keep y'all laughing. She did great with her answers. She is a very smart girl!


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