Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mr ONEderful

Happy FIRST Birthday, Fletcher!!

I can't believe my baby boy is ONE today.  Well, one as of 11:47am today.

This has been the fastest, most wonderful year.  I remember last year worrying about all the changes that came along with adding a second baby to the family.  Would there be enough love, time and me to go around?  The answer is YES.  Adding a baby to the family was the best thing we could have done.  Our little family of four seems just right.  Olive adores her little brother and so do we.  It's the sweetest thing ever to watch them growing up and becoming besties.

It seems like I was just writing out his birth story and now we're talking about him being ONE.

We overcame several tricky health situations that have all resolved themselves.  We tried all kinds of feeding options from nursing to soy to sensitive formula.  We dealt with a few ear infections, stomach flu, viruses and functioned on little sleep for months.  Things really seem to be leveling out and becoming so routine now that we are at one year.  Fletcher is a great sleeper now and is the happiest, healthy boy.

He's taking 2-3 steps at a time and I think he'll take off walking or running very soon.  He's continued on his trend of being a BIG boy.  It's almost always the first thing people comment on after they find out how old he is.  They assume he's older and are surprised he's still a baby.  People are always commenting on his bright blue eyes and saying how handsome he is.  He's quickly outgrowing his 18 month clothes, weighs over 30lbs and has been consistently sleeping 12 hours a night many nights a week.  I'd forgotten how nice it is to sleep all night :)

Throwback to 18 day old Fletcher:

HIS current favorite things:
MOM, waving, making pretend phone calls to your dad all day long, your sister, bath time, meal time, our cats, board books, going on walks, car noises, musical toys and 

A few day in the life shots from our usual routine:
Every morning starts out like this one.  Fletcher is our alarm clock.  I go in and feed him a bottle then Olive wanders in and we all snuggle in the rocking chair.  Sweet snuggles.

Breakfast and morning cartoons.

I get ready for the day while Fletcher destroys the bathroom.

 I've learned to do so many things with only one hand.  I'm prepping veggies for the week with Fletcher on one hip.

Post nap greeting :)

He loves his food and has been interested in having his own fork lately.

These two play really well together most of the time.  Their current favorite game is chase.  She leads the race and he chases her all over the house crawling as quickly as he can.

We have pretty low key plans for the day to play, eat fun things
 and do all of Fletcher's favorite things.  I think he'll love it!


  1. Happy First Birthday Fletcher!! I hope you guys have a fun day and party celebrating that sweet boy.

  2. Happy First Birthday Fletcher! Hope y'all have the best day!

  3. Happy First birthday Fletcher! I hope he has a great day surrounded with all of his favorites!

  4. Happiest 1st Birthday Fletcher!! I love that our baby boys share the same birthday "date." Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your special little boy!!💙

  5. Happy birthday Fletcher! What a special and loved little boy he is! I know you'll make his birthday full of wonderful memories!

  6. Happy first birthday, Fletcher! This year has flown by!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I didn't realize how big he is!

  8. Happy, happy birthday precious boy! You are so sweet and handsome, I can't wait to see all the fun you get into during your second year!

  9. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!!

  10. Dear Fletcher, it's been such a wonderful blessing to see you grow and get to know your sweet personality. You are loved dearly!

  11. Happy birthday to your darling boy!


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