Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easter Candy Menu

What is on your Easter Candy Menu this year?? 

Does your family have family favorite candies they like to find in their Easter basket??

We are BIG fans of these 4 candies:

1. Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans
These are dangerous!!  I love the pink and red the best, but will eat all colors except for the orange.  Orange flavored anything is just GROSS :)
We've already gone through one bag of these.

2. Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
(not the gooey Cadbury eggs)
Also, eaten one bag of these.

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Eggs

4. Egg Shape Bubble gum

All of these things will be in our Easter baskets.  I'm probably going to have to wait until closer to Easter to buy our candy otherwise it'll all just get eaten.

What is on your MUST HAVE Easter candy menu??

Malted milk balls?
Cadbury eggs?
Starburst jelly beans?
Chocolate bunny?
Marshmallow bunnies?
Black jelly beans?

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Polka-Dotty Place


  1. Reese's Peanut butter eggs are my favorite! Why oh Why do they taste better in an egg shape?? And I heart jeans beans!!

  2. My favorite is Cadbury Mini Eggs. Drew loves Reese's eggs. Cam loves Starburt jelly beans. We like candy. HA ha!

  3. Mmmmmm!!!! I think everything you mentioned are the ones I love too. Your taste in candy is perfection!

  4. What a fun post! We love the jelly beans, cadbury mini eggs, and my husband loves the pb eggs and whoppers-lol!

  5. Starburst jelly beans are like a drug for Aaron and I! Ha! I can't start eating them because I won't stop! 🤣

  6. We don't buy candy for Easter, but we do check the day after sales and the family enjoys various ones then... they do like jelly beans and others. :)

  7. So I like the caramel filled eggs. I scanned some to see how many WW points it would be for one... 8! EIGHT POINTS! That's an entire meal. No thank you. But dang, they are good.

  8. Malted milk balls and Starburst Jelly Beans are a must-have for our Easter candy! This season produces the best of all the holiday candies, in my opinion. I'd forgotten about egg-shaped gum - I used to get that in my Easter basket every year. It's so cute in the little tiny egg cartons! I haven't purchased Jolly Rancher jelly beans in a while, I need to grab some of those. Paul's a big fan of jelly beans in general so I know he'd enjoy them.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. Cadbury mini eggs are my kryponite! And I love Starbust Jelly Beans!

  10. Starburst jelly beans.

  11. Jelly beans of any type, my kids love peeps, reese's pb eggs, cadbury caramel eggs and dove coconut cream chocolate eggs. I can not buy any of this yet or it will all be gone ;)


  12. Oh gosh, starburst jelly beans, reese's eggs, but CADBURY CREME EGGS for the win! I'm on a really strict diet - the topic of my blog post today - so I probably won't get much this year besides a bite or two!


  13. Mac loves the white chocolate version of those Cadbury eggs. We seriously buy 3-4 bags at a time.


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