Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Make Your Own Rainbows

 Funfetti is my go to cake.  I make it for birthdays, holidays and love the special holiday color editions.  It's so easy to whip up and I feel like it's a tiny bit healthier than other cupcakes because it uses egg whites... haha :)

We decided to make some rainbow cupcakes and added a bunch of rainbow sprinkles to the Funfetti mix to ensure our cupcakes were extra colorful.  It tinted the batter a bit, but they did turn out to be very colorful cupcakes.

Behind the cupcake scenes:
Olive insists on feeling them to make sure they are cool enough to add the icing.

Fletcher thinks it's hilarious to touch the cupcakes and shout YUM!
He looks so big in these pictures!

 We add our favorite rainbow sprinkles from the ice cream topping section at the grocery store.  They're around $3 for a HUGE container of them.

 I love the combo of a boxed cake mix + homemade buttercream frosting.

Clover cupcake liners for good measure.

Easy and delicious edible rainbows :)

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  1. We love funfetti cake around here too! It's the hubs favorite!

  2. Adorable! I think I have a box of funfetti leftover from Emily's birthday.... hhhhmmmm?!?!

  3. This is perfect for some rainbow treats! Who doesn't love funfetti!?!

  4. yum! funfetti really is the best. and yes, Fletcher looks so big in those pics!!! *and adorable : )

  5. I love funfetti cake! These cupcakes are super cute and festive!

  6. When I was pregnant with Connor I craved funfetti cake. I don't know why but the funfetti was all I wanted. That and spaghetti and meatballs.

  7. Every once in awhile my husband will request Funfetti cupcakes. There is something about them that are just so good and yours look delicious! Maybe I will make some for St. Patrick's Day!

  8. These are so cute and we heart funfetti in our family! Love the photo with the little helper's hand! :)


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