Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sugar & Spice of Every Day Life

If we met for breakfast,
these are the random stories about life at my house that I'd be telling you this morning:

+Sugar: We are finalizing all of the arrangements for where we are going to live in Mississippi and I can't wait to share all of the details with you once it's a "done deal".

-Spice: About once a week, I miss having long hair.  I loved wearing a top knot and having a pretty pony tail.  I appreciate how quickly I can do my hair now that I have a bob but my puny pony tail is not my favorite.  

+Sugar: I've been working hard on being more flexible with my day to day life and it's working!  I love having everything planned out to a T and being really in control of our schedule.  My husband is more flexible and easy going.  He likes to surprise me and pick up dinner on his way home from work, make last minute plans with friends and be more spontaneous.  So I've tried hard to say YES more and it's resulted in us getting to do fun things.  He's noticed and appreciated my efforts because he knows that's not my nature.  I'll still be making lists and stay organized BUT it's fun to change things up a bit.

- Spice: Running errands with a little one is h-a-r-d especially when it's hot/raining/humid out.  I tried to get some things done one day last week and my to do list involved: Walgreens, the library, get gas and Wal-Mart.  I did not remember asking for a super thunderstorm, crying baby, dirty diaper, crackers spilled everywhere in the backseat, get poked in the eye with an umbrella, getting soaked and carrying in groceries with a baby in one arm and heavy bags in the other.  I was thankful to make it home for nap time and recharge my battery because I was exhausted.  Note to self: avoid running errands in the rain if at all possible.  Sidenote: How do people get anything done with multiple little kids??? :)  I'm thinking super hero capes might be involved.

+Sugar: I get a smile on my face when I start thinking about fun plans for our summer - moving (well not so much the moving part but the settling into our new home part ), visiting family, meeting a new baby, seeing friends, heading to the beach and Kevin starting a new job.

-Spice: Olive has learned how to throw a tantrum.  I was hoping this milestone would stay away for a while longer but it is here to stay.  I was grocery shopping and she started trying to eat my grocery list she was holding.  I took it away and a mental meltdown ensued.  Luckily, she was able to recover within an aisle or two but I was embarrassed.  Guess it's time to get over myself and eat a piece of parenting humble pie.  Somewhat related: Maybe it's time to seriously think about an app on my phone for grocery lists??

+Sugar: Grilling season has arrived and my husband enjoys contributing to dinner with his grilling skills.  He does the main course and sometimes the veggies so dinner prep has gotten much easier for me.  Now I just need to try all of those grilling recipes I've been pinning this summer.

-Spice: Olive is obsessed with banging on the computer keyboard.  We put it up whenever we can but if she hears you type she comes "running".  Her message to you today:
,kfhmghgi,hm , kjmnmj nj nj mk nh  kj mkn  
nju vfdvfy mhnubg cgki vojih jugbtv4g hsn hui yui hnm

+Sugar: I got several tips about the best sprinkles to use for homemade funfetti cakes - the long skinny tubular kind apparently work best.  I'm anxious to try my recipes again and see if I can come up with a good funfetti cake.

-Spice: My summer shoes are "missing".  Well technically they are in the house somewhere BUT I can't find the box.  We don't live in a big place but I fear they are buried in the very back of one of our closets.  I keep looking in my closet hoping that they might magically appear.  No such luck :(

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  1. I loved reading this! You are so good about documenting your days :) I'm sorry that the tantrum stage has arrived, and the rainy errand day! I love that you are trying to be more flexible - I need be better about that too. I'm so glad you mentioned it!



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