Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Place in Arkansas

We've lived in Arkansas for almost 11 months now.  We are pretty settled in and are enjoying ourselves.  We are renting an apartment and found our place on-line.  We agreed to rent without ever stepping foot on the property which was a bit nerve wracking for us.  We didn't have any other option so we are happy that it worked out as well as it did.  

We've been renters our whole married life so I'm always trying hard to make our home homey even though it' s not our forever home.  It's important to me for it to feel warm and inviting and I think it's totally doable even if you don't own your house.  Our walls have to stay the same neutral color so I always opt for bright curtains, furniture and art to liven up the space a bit :)

Let me give you a little tour.
I feel like our furnishings are 1/2 for adults and 1/2 baby gear.
Family room:

 tiny kitchen

our bedroom


Olive's nursery is my favorite room of the house.

A little backyard with all kind of birds, squirrels & bunnies.
We have a washer & dryer - which I've come to realize is a necessity with a baby.
We have two bedrooms.
We have an ice maker. 
We are on the first floor.
We have a backyard.
We have big windows.
We are close to Kevin's work.
We have a neighborhood to walk in.
We have friendly neighbors.
We live in the same building as our friends.

Our place is 750 square feet.
Our kitchen is TINY and I affectionately call our oven an easy bake oven.
Our living room is smallish especially when you add in the baby gear.
Our place is older.
There is not much storage.
Everything seems to be 20 minutes away from us.
Although this isn't the most interesting post,
I wanted to record it for my own memories.
Here's to making the most of our remaining time in Little Rock.


  1. I love her bedroom! That is adorable.
    We live in a small 1050 square foot home with 3 bedrooms. It's a ranch style home and I feel like when Blake is napping, he hears everything because our house is so tiny and noise travels.

  2. It's so homey and pretty! You've done a great job decorating!


  3. I've always had this "I am not going to decorate" idea because none of my homes have been forever homes. I am slowly realizing that by decorating it makes a temporary home much more fun. With that said, I love Olive's room. It is so bright and inviting.


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