Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Easiest App for Printing Instagram Pics

 I've been anxious to print some of my instagram pictures for a while and Olive's birthday party gave me the perfect excuse to do it.  I already had the Walgreens app on my phone to refill prescriptions, but I'd never used the photo portion of the app.


I ordered about 150 photos in less than 15 minutes.  You simply click the pictures you want, select the store to pick them up at, google a coupon code for walgreens (I found one for 30% off) and hit print!  They were ready within an hour after submitting it.  The quality was great and I'll definitely be printing from Walgreens again in the future.

I loved having some of my very favorite pictures on display for Olive's party.
I made a giant instagram collage #1
a garland
a photo cake
and then placed a few pictures all around my decorations.

Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed seeing the picture highlights of Olive's 1st year of life.  I'd highly recommend displaying pictures at your child's birthday party.


  1. I love printing IG photos! They're the best!

  2. Do they print them in that square shape? I love them!



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