Monday, June 30, 2014

It's a Good Day When...

It's a Good Day {at my house} When....

+ Everyone decides to sleep in and wakes up happy
everyone = baby 
I'm not a morning person so I don't usually spring up out of bed

+ We have something easy for breakfast
oatmeal, omelet or smoothie

+ Fun blog posts to read, check social media & watch a morning show

+ I hear from my hubby throughout the work day & send him pictures of Olive
+ Olive is a cooperative baby who'll let me get ready and entertain herself with a little PBS

+ A fun errand or outing during the day
baby music class at the library is always a hit

+ Olive is a happy baby when we are out and about
She cooperates, interacts with people and enjoys being out

+ Easy nap time that happens to last for 2 hours in her crib
a very rare occurrence at my house because 45 minute naps are the norm

+ Make a few quick phone calls to touch base with family/friends
Olive plays quietly and doesn't mind sharing my attention 
or she interacts while we Facetime

+ Catch a great episode of Grey's Anatomy

+ Get the mail and have a handwritten note or two waiting for me

+ The house is tidied up and I have on real clothes
yoga pants are gone and a cute outfit is in its place
+ Hubby arrives home right on time and is thrilled to see his girls

+ We debrief about our days and have a little snack together

+ The weather is perfect and we go for a long walk
perfect = low humidity & a breeze

+ I have all the ingredients in my fridge/pantry for a delicious dinner

+ Delicious family dinner at the table
Yummy food, good conversations and a hungry baby

+ I cook/clean up and hubby entertains the baby
or he surprises me and takes care of dinner

+ Our favorite TV shows are on
news, TLC, reality TV or a sporting event

+ We read, play games and have our neighbors over for a bit

+ Olive is exhausted and falls right to sleep at bed time

+ Post dinner dessert of some sort
usually some ice cream or baked good

+ Most things get crossed off my to do list while everyone else is in bed
blogging, tidying up, planning, emails and laundry

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