Monday, June 2, 2014

Olive Kate is Turning ONE!

I had SO MUCH fun planning Olive's birthday parties.
I'm going to spend the whole week showcasing DIYs from her party,
her parties and how we celebrated our little girl turning ONE. 

We traveled to Indiana to celebrate with both sides of our families and then did some smaller scale celebrating in Arkansas.  I knew early on that I wanted to stick with a theme of pink and gold so I started scouring etsy for some great options.  I found lots of cute options and finally decided to go with 

I LOVE everything about the way it turned out...
the polka-dots
the gold
the typography
the pennant
the wording
and the darling picture that I took of Olive.

It came together just like I wanted!  I did a photo shoot at home with my DSLR camera.  I put Olive in a pretty neutral outfit so it would match any invitation I decided on.  It just so happened that she matched perfectly.  I'd originally planned to go with a black and white picture but my husband convinced me that the color shot really captured Olive's radiant personality so well.  Smart man :)

Joy was a DREAM to work with, had a very fast turn around time and customized the invitation to be PERFECT for Olive's party.  She emailed me a proof and I had them printed really affordably at Sams.  I'd highly recommend you checking out her shop if you are in need of an invitation.

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