Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Picture Book Turned Guest Book

I wanted to document the family members who came to Olive's party
and I figured a picture book turned guest book would be really fun.

I chose a book that went with my pink and gold theme
and then set up sharpie markers for everyone to sign on the day of the party.

 I look forward to reading this book to Olive
and telling her all about the people who were at her first birthday party.
 I am planning to make this a yearly tradition.  I'll find a book that fits the party theme or select a book that would be age appropriate, have guests sign it and then read it to her the night of her birthday.  

I'm also planning to trace her hand inside the cover at some point to document her size on her first birthday.  I think it'll be fun for her to compare the growth of her hand as the years go by.

I traced Olive's hand inside the front cover.  I did one practice tracing just to make sure that it was doable with a squirmy one year old.  I gave her a marker to hold with her other hand, held her hand down and quickly traced it with a thin sharpie.  I LOVE seeing her tiny hand print inside her birthday book.  I think she will LOVE comparing her hand to her one year old hand as she gets older.


  1. Awwh that is such a good idea for everyone to sign a book for each birthday.

  2. I've never heard of this idea! Such a great idea!

  3. A great idea Whitney. My friend has a the book Oh the Places You'll Go for each of her two boys. At the end of the year, she has their teachers write something about the past year. I thought with your book idea for Olive's birthdays, this would be a good idea for when she starts school.

  4. A great idea Whitney! My friend has a copy of the book Oh, the Places You'll Go for each of her two boys. At the end of the school year she has their teachers write a comment in the appropriate boy's book. That idea is similar to your birthday book idea. I thought I'd pass it along for when Olive is in school.


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