Friday, June 6, 2014

Olive's {Jordan} Birthday Party

We had a dinner birthday party with Kevin's side of the family for Olive and his whole family came - grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was so nice to see everyone and Olive loved the attention.  I was a little worried that she might be overwhelmed by the crowd, but she seemed to THRIVE!

I did the same theme for her parties 
so I just traveled with her decorations and set them up at my MIL's house. 

Olive's GREAT grandparents :)
 I wish I'd gotten pictures of everyone at the party but I did not.  I probably should have brought my sister along to this party to take pictures while I was busy hosting.  Maybe next year :)
 Aunts + Kevin's Mom

 We had a delicious cookout and everyone was looking forward to cake!

Olive got really into her birthday song and eating in front of an audience.  She'd take a bite, smile and clap hoping for a reaction from the crowd.  Everyone was more than happy to play along with her sweet little game.  The birthday hat was an adorable addition, but Olive was not a fan.  

 We figured out that Olive did not like to get her hands messy.  Once we gave her a fork, she was thrilled to be able to dig into her cake :)

 Olive was excited to help open gifts but Kevin did most of the unwrapping.  She'd open something fun and just want to play with that toy.  Can't really blame her but we had to keep things moving.
 Olive is the baby cousin on Kevin's side and her older cousins adore her.  They wanted to follow her around and help her.  They were also really good at making her laugh.  Addy told me, "I wish she could be my little sister."  Olive is lucky to be loved by many.
 I don't know where this light saber came from but Olive was wishing it was hers.

 The birthday girl had a wardrobe change into her birthday jammies as the party was wrapping up.  She was excited, amped up from her icing intake and was not eager to head to bed.  I think she likes being the center of attention.

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