Monday, June 9, 2014

Olive's Arkansas Friends

We invited our couple friends over to celebrate Olive's birthday and we had a great time.  We wanted to branch out a bit and make an organic-ish meal since these friends like organic food.  We took a field trip to Whole Foods and enjoyed exploring the store.  The staff was so friendly and helpful.  We shopped their sales and came up with a delicious meal!

Our table decor:

 The Menu
Cheese plate & bruschetta appetizer
We bought two kinds of yummy cheese and then a jar of
 Whole Foods sells Crostini by the bag, jars of amazing Bruschetta & their cheese selection is pretty impressive.  I put Kevin in charge of putting together the cheese plate.  He was pretty creative with how he cut the cheese (haha).  I turned the oven on broil, put the bread on a cookie sheet and just warmed them up.  Then we took them out and topped them with a generous spoonful of bruschetta.
 We also tried putting cheese on the crostini and then topping them with bruschetta.  All combinations were delicious!

Probably the best fruit I've had all season:
 David taught Kevin how to grill corn on the cob and it was so tasty!
We'll definitely be doing this again.

Singing Happy Birthday to Olive.
 She'd only touch her cake with a fork.

The adults had pink iced funfetti cupcakes.

 David and Anna are so sweet to Olive.
They adore her and we are thankful to have such good friends.  They always compliment Olive's style so they decided to pick her out a DARLING pair of mary janes and a little doll.  She wears these sparkly shoes all the time!

 The cats were also excited to help host Olive's party.
They were mostly into the party favors and wrapping paper.
Smiling Topher:

We look forward to hosting many more parties for Olive at our home.

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  1. I loved seeing these pics! How sweet of you guys to tailor your menu for those friends! Were these friends you had before moving to Arkansas? You should do a blog post on making new friends in a new's hard to do as we get older!

    kristen :)


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